Some content on this page is not suitable for young eyes or faint hearts.
Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Mar 3 2010

"So you want to speak your mind. Be careful you don't use the bit you need to breathe with. Run along, run along."

"They've got rubber bottoms and plastic cocks! Kick 'em."


  1. HAHA!!! that's hilarious and totally random! Perfect quote for facebook to get a smile on everyone's face today

  2. Rubber bottoms and plastic cocks... sex dolls? Butt-plugs and strap-ons? Seems we're discovering yet another nocturnal facet to Adam.

  3. Rubber bottoms, great for rubbing out mistakes when using a pencil...

  4. Run along, Run along! lol
    This is one of my boss's favourite things to say to me.... hope he's not thinking the first bit to himself!
    Thanks again and again for helping to start the day with a smile!

  5. Maybe he was thinking of Ken dolls?

  6. Ahhh somehow it's not the same knowing it's not coming from K&A. They're off gallivanting. Don't they know we need them? Humph.

  7. So what you are saying is be careful when you speak your mind for fear of consequence. At the end of your quote you state “ Run along, run along.” So what you are really saying is instead of speaking one’s mind it would be in the best interest of everyone if one’s opinion was never spoken in the first place. It would be best for everyone if people kept their opinions to themselves. I completely disagree with your sentiments. People should be free to express their opinions whenever they want. Our society would not be what it is today if people had never spoken their minds.

  8. another fine addition to the colletion. please remember that all of these are random things said while adam is asleep and not to be read into.

  9. Anon 16:03 - I believe you've missed the entire point of Sleeping Adam. He doesn't seem to care about advancing society or walking on eggshells in order to retain fragile egos. What he says in his sleep is what most of us wish we could say awake with no consequences! Plus, if someone tells you what Adam is telling his dream stalker, would you really curl up into a fragile ball and not speak your mind? Lastly, who says our society is so great today, anyhow??

    Go Adam!!

  10. Rubber bottoms and plastic cocks sounds like Adam is stuck in a bad lesbian drag scene.

  11. Garry T Dundee3 March 2010 at 16:41

    best one yet love the second one its better than 'cockhunter' hehe

  12. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer3 March 2010 at 17:26

    i've slappedstiked myself silly from the days before, rarely refined and with a cup a whine in the ii's...(good thing it wasn't peewee hermanizing this house of cards or it would be the most colorful palate on the WWW!...come to think of is! color and creative oddity actually to brings JOY and that's Right On! the mark in sleepspeak...just not in my @.@...tho, weewee is a healy property too, legend has it)

    sooo...mindfully speaking with a fresh; breath of air, running along the seepages of the thinking cap in todays rubber bottoms & plactico's kick off...could it be a version of :

    -> rubber cowboy boot bottoms

    - here the rubber soles i see him dreaming about for Karen...i luv'em to smelly pieces...they're hot to trot'n kickin'heel, gallywise if one's into'em!

    SleepAdam must be rubber chickening us with plastic cockiness cock.&.tailing us not towards
    lawn ornaments (don't think they're around) but roostering us from our slumber this morning...did he mean these bittys

    ( n'not to kick'nbutt the rubber chickens plastered head off, doodle deedoo mindyou, away from the poo piles that adam feeds us to our foodateria of daily health - - - but the but.but.& kind :) of jokes galore we'll never quite fathomly get within his drift, but it is a catchy thing to craze-y-ness and it's outrageous however we @@it...

    soooOh, these penguins he's called us, deserve better. Spread the love... Beaky twats." ;)

  13. Ooh, I just had a great idea for a blog! It would be a blog where the author complains about other blogs and how unpopular the author's opinions are. I would totally read that.

  14. Just thought you would like to know, among my friends and I, there's a great trend of using Adam's dream quotes as facebook status updates. Especially ones which other people would never understand. "We haven't got a plank, just fucking jump." "Elephant trunks should be used for elephant things only. Nothing else." hahaha

  15. Just thought you would like to know, among my friends and I, there's a great trend of using Adam's dream quotes as facebook status updates. Especially ones which other people would never understand. "We haven't got a plank, just fucking jump." "Elephant trunks should be used for elephant things only. Nothing else." hahaha

  16. Now I could be wrong but I read this as whoever Sleeping Adam is talking to is Too Stupid to speak their mind & breathe at the same time. Kind of like saying "You're too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same time."
    It's meant to be an Insult to a specific Moron, not a comment on how society in general should conduct itself.

  17. People, please don't stress out about Adam being nasty to people in his sleep. Its all just made up to give people a laugh.

    Keep it up guys!

  18. Though, if they've got rubber bottoms........ I don't think a kick would have much deterrent effect, would it? 7@=Q

  19. I usually skip over Prof ZZZs ramblings for the sake of time, and to avoid the rabit hole of confusion I find myself trying to unscramble it... However today his musings have lead the rather amusing rubber chickens as the stated plastic cocks, and I cracked up laughing again.

    Thank you Prof ZZZ for your wisdom, albeit often over my head, today your contribution hit home.

  20. Shuttle-cocks? - Rubber bottoms, plastic webbing?? lol - I think you hit them with a racket as opposed to kicking them though! ;)
    Too much of a stretch?

  21. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer4 March 2010 at 01:46

    - p.s....Anon...2305

    you have 45 chances to kick up a storm of chicken soup in a can today...

    - that's tarred and feather flavored...add the bitter bolder boxedset or cute and color
    co-ordinated chickadees of chicken little-livers
    - seasoned with it's crushed glass for that palatefull of crunchies and as the added topping;
    - you can also use the frames for bubble blowing in the meantime, cause this could be a long ride to the races, better make the most of it in yellow style

    (oh, don't forget the rubber mallet to win your prize for the first and best chicken that pops up serving you ! chicken balls ! for fun.

    tho watchout.shutout...bring your goggles for the others will stream you of pea shots to the eye if you miss...happy pounding at the amusement park!

    ( to be a good shot...better get more practice in too, for the chicken scratches just won't do as they'll taunt you with --- some shakin' their neck and headress jowl and plumme just so you can't buy them off their rack for $O.oo eggs...

    unlike sleepAdam who dreams them for free!!!
    -that just won't cut the mustard
    for the rest of us-

    Aiming for that Top Prize - - -
    - ( gotta work hard for your plastic it seems, as they drive us to bloody bawkbawkbawnk.kers at today's adam.worldof hotel's plastic/rubber exihibit display )

  22. Long day, very tired... so much fun to visit here before bed! Thanks K&A&Everyone... :)

  23. Anonymous @19:07: I feed the sentences to a conversation bot on an IRC channel I frequent. I'm trying to teach it to talk like Sleep Talkin' Man.

  24. bwahahahahahaha T-shirts for both of them!!!! bwahahahahaha

  25. I'm assuming the prof is trying to do what Adam does (or doesn't do for those of us who believe Adam is actually talking in his sleep)

    The problem is that the prof is replicating the feel of the word strings without the cleverness.

    And I've given this a lot of thought (okay--just a little thought) and concluded that the prof needs to avoid verbosity. Adam's charm is in his brevity. You know about the meaning being in the space between the words? And the negative space has equal meaning in drawings?

  26. jackie31337 @ 19:02 - came back today to read more thoroughly - I'd had the exact same thought! Exact same.

    dddaughter - I don't think Prof Z is trying to imitate Adam at all. And some of us enjoy those rambles. Like the whole blog, they're easy enough to skip over if you don't care for rabbit holes. :)

  27. I'm not buying it. I find it funny to read. However I would like to do a sleep study on this Adam to prove he's awake while talking. These episodes are to often and even though they make no sense. You can make out what he's saying.
    This whole thing is just for laughs. Keep um laughing!!! I had a friend post this on my site because I'm a Registered Polysomnogragh Technician. She believes this to be true. NOT!!!

  28. Actually, I think ProfZZ is way over impressed by and amused with self. Trying SO hard!

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