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Apr 15 2010

"You try so hard, and you fall so short. Just give up, numbnuts. It will save you a lifetime of pain and shame. Your life: fail."

"Bangelina, it's not the same. Bingo, bongo, bangelina. They just can't work together."

Karen's notes: It was a sadly quiet night, these are from my stockpile.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the t-shirt poll. The results are undeniable. New shirts and mugs should be up later today.

Oh, and don't forget to file your taxes!


  1. i could imagine this in a t-shirt.

    Your life: fail.

  2. wow those both have a very "american" feel to them. If you hadnt told us it was from the stockpile Karen then I would have thought that you must have been telling him about your trip before bed!

  3. Bangelina? as in Brangelina? Adam, don't tell me you're having premonitions of them breaking up!! they're my favorite celebrity couple!

  4. Numbnuts.

    Brings me happy memories of my Dad. Was his favorite saying. =D

  5. I have a new theory... I think Sleep Talkin' Man was an Assassin-Super Hero in his life before he met Karen and he simply reminisces in his sleep about his epic lines aimed at the sticky situations he got into as Super Sleep Talkin' Man

  6. Hooray! I've been to get "numbnuts" back into the public parlance for so long now... And here, w/ one deft move, you've done it! THANK YOU!

  7. T, are you secretly Christopher Titus? And the "Your life: fail" should be sent to

  8. The results are undeniable. . .

    Yes, we all have a little ARROGANT STM inside wanting to come out!

    The nipple glue is the funniest one though IMO (they're all great of course), but I think people would be hesitant to display those proclamations proudly on their chests.

    STM would make a great 'Smack-Off' participant via the Jim Rome show. Karen, Adam and many others probably don't know what the Smack-Off is: it's a radio contest where callers talk sh!t about celebrities, athletes, and each other. Iafrate, Brad in Corona, Mike in Indy, and Vic in No Cal would be in deep, deep trouble if STM were to be invited.

  9. Poor STM. I think we are expecting too much of him. Even International Men of Mystery need an off day!

  10. 4ever =O) laughter15 April 2010 at 18:09

    Like a modern day "Marriage Ref"
    smack off- smack down, Von Malcolm?

  11. I just found out you guys have twitter =] Totally gonna follow you on there now. You should enlarge your little section on the side to make it more noticeable.

  12. This is absolutely hilarious! I just got it! I'm a Sleep Talkin' newbie!

  13. Anonymous said - 15 April 2010 16:50 ...
    T, are you secretly Christopher Titus?

    not secretly or openly, numbnuts! =D

  14. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer16 April 2010 at 01:12

    ...hey Bangelinaaaa, ya know, at Bingo the other day...paparrazi with those bongos were drivin' me bonkers... do hope that split-zie - rumor doesn't turn sour...itz.a.tossup and pizza pieces

    ( wispering, i even fail to see that life is a failure, but if the sleepyboogieman said that a fail in life is a lika jail in life...they go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong, it's really just that they can't work together with lifestyles as within a failing grade some days...trying so hard, falling so short...think it best they give up those nuts that numb the may save them a lifetime of pain...oh well, that'za shame....)...
    (i, shhhhh...)

  15. "Bingo bongo bangelina"--is that like "Bingo bango bongo?" The old essay-style guideline they used to teach in schools? (I don't know if they still do; it's been a while since 7th grade.)

  16. Drat. The audio doesn't work on Chrome again. Any way to fix it? It's so worth listening to, always.

  17. adam lennard said...
    "taxes? we don't need no stinking taxes!"

    Is this a reference to "Patches? We don't need no stinking patches!" If so, I dearly love that you quoted that movie.

  18. I can't get the audio page to load on either of my computers anymore either. I really miss hearing the clips. Please imbed them in the original posts again.

  19. @Jen: Actually, the original movie quote was:
    "Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!" 7@=e

  20. 1. badges, Patches, Taxes; whichever, it was still funny ;-)

    2. crap, can't remember, must scroll back up, 'scuse me for a moment...Oh yes, "numbnuts" I use that one quite a bit; however, my favorite is "fuck-face" ;-)

    3. Karen - wonderful idea about saving/having a stockpile! I actually think I mope too much when you used to say nothing/not a peep/whatever you actually said :-( (lol).

    4. I still can't figure out WThell paralyzer man is talking about lmao. (and by paralyzer man, I mean...Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer...paralyzer man is easier to say lol).

    5. K, I'm done now :-)

    Me - formally Kimmie B. now whoever I am lol.
    still from Saskatchewan, Canada :-D

  21. P.S. I am rambling cause I'm over tired...sorry :-)

  22. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer... get a job. And a life.

  23. Bingo Bango Bongo ... the person given the extra points before the golf game starts needs to see the writing on the wall. if were any good at the game this would never have happened ...this are not good at the game!