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Apr 18 2010

"I don't wanna go down the slide. It's too high. Far too high. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!...... I feel sick now."

"Headstands are for girls only. When they wear skirts."

"Hands up who wants sweets! Hands up! Awwwwww. You've got no hands. Sucks to be you, sweets for me."

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Karen's notes: Sounds like Adam spent the evening in a playground... for amputees?

Audio update: ARGH!

I finally decided yesterday to put up two players for each clip, one the worked on all web browsers, one for iPhone peeps. After implementing it on loads of past posts (which took forever), I discovered that the iPhone one was causing all sorts of problems. So I had to take it back down.

iPhone users, I will keep looking for something for you guys.

For those who have been missing out on the audio all along, I have applied the new player to the "Audio" page, which has all the clips that have ever been put up on the blog.


  1. You should include links to plain old mp3 files. Those are totally generic, so any nonstandard system like mine would have the easiest time grabbing and listening.

  2. thanks,i can't stop laughing....xo

  3. "sucks to be you, sweets for me.."

    Says it all really. Along with girls doing handstands in skirts.

  4. XD Love the way he says "Awwwwwwww. You've got no hands."

  5. Poor bastard. lol

    Hope someone's making him an espresso every morning for all this.

    Love it.

  6. Well obviously last night was "Sleep Talkin' Boy!" STM was reliving his childhood roflmao! You don't get to be the greatest thing on two legs overnight you know!!

  7. Zack: Make that OGG, not MP3 ;)

    That way, EVERYONE should be able to listen to them.

  8. iphone users can go find a proper computer and listen there.

  9. That reminds me of this joke in French:,_pas_de_chocolat

    Loosely translated:

    Mum, can I have some chocolate?
    There's some in the cupboard, help yourself.
    But Mum, I can't, you know I don't have any arms!
    No arms, no chocolate!

  10. the html5 tag should work with iphone users if you set it correctly!!!

    Please see my email and email me back!!

  11. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer18 April 2010 at 14:53

    i like the Cool tootin' players your using now,Karen; for all your feverish efforts,
    afar away thanks! for l=)stenin'...

    ...she's on a high, but he's on a downlo to go try, them sweets on hand in awwwe...

    there she goes...slip slidin' away....then, head over heels in her cutzy mini can be quite the tricky spinnie in a wheelyway...she can do the tricks others can tooo...

    to grab some attention, with just elbow below, this tomboy is a sweetie step by stilt-step; she goes round and round then down and down. where she ends up, nobody knows

    from this side of town and all awound - - - with a find out no sweetreats for sharing, sucks, but...

    she stands head above the rest in her sic-steps, in a good way, this showy trickser is next to none ..... n' too much tumble.turvy can cause that not to funny swery yet, much handlin' in all this activity can make her weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee icky...sumtimes...

    she did get her share of the sweets after all--- was said and done with...a sucker with a skirtin' the issue was girl power today-sequel...a.skippin'aweee.she.goes...asingin' tummytanksU.tommy(x2)-byeadambyebye, awaving...

  12. OMG...the way he says "sucks to be you" totally cracked me up. He sounded sooooo sympathetic!

  13. I love how Adam says "You've got no hands"
    cracks me up every time I play the audio XD

  14. Oh no, the audio doesn't show on my Google Reader anymore. I think it's because it is a new one...
    Not that I couldn't come here and listen them but it was rather convenient to listen them over there.

  15. Just to register my two cents: I'm content to read and wouldn't care to download any software from anywhere--even for free--if that's what it took to listen to Adam rather than read.

    On the other hand, come autumn some of us are going to crave snuggly nightshirts with our favorite wisecracks. Flannel in coco brown, just as an example....

    Just a thought.

  16. one other thought--a good nightshirt does NOT have elastic in the wristbands!

  17. wow. the page loaded faster today than it has in ages! BADGERTASTIC!!!!!!! :)

  18. As an iPhone user, I say don't worry about the iPhone. It's not your fault Steve Jobs thinks 1/3rd of the internet is useless. Screw him.

  19. Others have said this too but Karen, I don't know how you ever get back to sleep after some of these!

  20. It's a bit wankish of STM not to give somebody sweets because they have no hands lol

  21. i had a question.. what kind of recorder do u use? & where did u get it? i wanted to get one haha

  22. "Headstands are for girls only. When they wear skirts."

    You should have that one put on women's underwear...

  23. Am I the only one who cracked up over the slide comment? I can just picture Adam at the top of a huge slide and, again, at the bottom, looking a bit green.....

  24. Christine said:
    "You should have that one put on women's underwear..."

    Upside down!!! (:
    - - - - - - - - -

    I would love to hear the audio for Adam going down the slide!

  25. I thought he was talking about a dog when he said 'no hands, sucks to be you'. ;-)

  26. I, too, would love audio of the slide one!

  27. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer... get a job. And a life.

  28. dont you think you need to lay off the red ink and candy

  29. maybe christmas candy would be ok....alalu yah