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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Apr 8 2010

"Just the thought of kissing you makes me want to take a vegetable peeler to my lips."

"When did the lizard start talking? Someone tell me. Freaking the fucking shit out of me."

Karen's notes: Again, these were from my stock. No talking last night. And here is what I notice about that: Last night, and the night before, I was out and about with friends. Because of the time difference, Adam and I never got to Skype to catch up on the day and say goodnight. Connection? Or coincidence? Hmmmmm.

I've made specific plans around Skyping with Adam before he goes to bed tonight. In fact, he'll be a guest at a dinner party I've organized. We'll set him up at the table and everything. So let's see what happens tomorrow morning.


  1. amazing as usual!

  2. Can I suggest badges....just that...badges...

  3. The vegetable peeler one is perhaps the best insult yet. I see a book deal in your future.

  4. Oh, I'd love a book. I've already thought about printing some of my favs and sharing with friends to entice them to visit the blog. I'd buy multiple copies!!!!

  5. so it seems like you are bringing out the talking in him and causing your own lack of sleep! That sucks!!

    I would also be freaked out by a lizard that suddenly started talking!

  6. Poor Adam doesn't have his muse at night.

    Love the veggie peeler! I think I'll try that line on the hubby tonight and see what he says.


  7. so.. so... he'll be the talking screen on a dinner table? It's like a scene from Demolition Man! (my movie choice might be a little... um.. 'retro', but i can't remember any movies with talking screens around a table. They can turn like real heads. kinda cool).
    Someone please tell me i'm not the only geek who remember that scene

  8. i remember that scene, but i am not a geek. i feel kind of sheepish admitting i know what you are talking about though.

  9. No feeling sheepish, that was a great movie!

  10. Ouch, can't imagine taking a veggie peeler to my lips...Maybe I'll soap them or something

  11. LOL that Adam will be a Skype guest on the table at your dinner party! That's hilarious to imagine, and what a great idea. Perhaps you should leave him on and let the guests get a randomly timed dose of STM, too!

    I'm so curious to see what happens with STM tonight.

    Wish we had the audio to the lizard one - it cracks me up.

  12. Chapstick might work better to help with that dry skin...

  13. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer9 April 2010 at 00:33

    bin a longer day today....eye see the Dr.
    (Mr. Heckle) has had a similar thought process in a perscription written way ;) (wecan understandit and standit... :)

    well, a veggie peel to lipsync about...before i read the whole musentence...i honed in on the veg.peel to the lips and thought it was about dry lips gone crackers,

    so earthy and that to smooth it out in an angstyfit, what a thought, IT's a bad habit to jump to conclusions so quick before zoning in on another biting insult to a guessture in revolt turned pout, insideout.

    IT! cud be-a leapin' llizzard lipp smakkher;
    one with a long drawn sneaky-smak-attack
    and verbal hiss'in in a thought of 'kissing you'...that cud make one want to sqworm and cricket out loud, mosquito bucket for emergencies outstretched, to stay aways.

    ( twasn't the geico-gecko lizarding that slithered out of sight and made an entrance into the nevermindingdreams of a sleepyhead---mouthed, who sometimes dreads his own musings unwillingly stating Aloud; in an omindo.state.of.levitation, just freakishly wondering, how shitty it must feel?)

  14. That's how my family stays in touch. I talk to my sister in South Korea more than the rest of my family which is in the U.S. with me. We actually both Skyped in for Christmas since we couldn't be home. My parents set up two computers on tv trays and we all took turns opening presents. It was great. We've done birthdays that way too. It's good to hear that other people do the same sort of thing.

  15. NewMexicanAnnie9 April 2010 at 04:38

    When I first read it, I thought the "talking lizard" might've been a euphemism for something else. That probably would have me REALLY freaked out! :)

    To the good Prof: I'm sorry, buddy. I can't get my usually-tired brain around your posts so I skip over them. But I don't mean to diss you, so even if I skip over 'em, keep doing that voodoo that you do best.

  16. He doesn't know how to use the three seashells!

  17. Erika,

    I remember it! I liked Demolition Man. (Who'da thought we'd end up with screens at dinner tables, though. Ha!)

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