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Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


May 5 2010

"Pottery's fun. Slimy. And not just for girls!"

"I love you. No, sorry, I missed some words out. I love it when the world shits on you. Yeah. That's the full sentence."

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Karen's notes: Poor Adam has a terrible cold/flu. Sick = no sleep = no sleep talking. I hope he gets better soon. He has a responsibility to amuse us!

These are from the stockpile. That second one I've been waiting to share for a long time. It's from our honeymoon. Nice, right?

Added later: Some people, after reading that last one, have expressed concern for my feelings. Don't worry, everyone! Adam and I are very secure in our feelings for each other, and I don't ever worry that his subconscious self is talking to me.


  1. Stay classy STM!

  2. No problems here. Mozilla Firefox.

    LMAO! That is too funny! Although, too bad it was said on the honeymoon :-(

    Hope you get better soon Adam!

  3. He's a charmer that one Karen. A keeper.

    Get better soon Adam. P.S. It's your fault I just bought a whole vintage weeble family.


  4. Man Flu is real - no laughing!

    Get better soon STM!

  5. I always have bizarre dreams after taking certain cough/cold medicines. I don't know what medicines are available in the UK, but this could be the ideal opportunity to find out what effect they have on Adam's sleep talking.

    Get well soon, Adam!

  6. The second one wasn't funny. I can't imagine to be in your situation there.

    Well, there is a problem, because your page loads slowly. I think it's Adam's flue transmitted to your computer and then to your blog ;) hope both get well soon. Take care.

  7. Get well soon!

    I don't think I'd ever see myself saying that to any other person who says such mean things, but Adam you are just too funny!

  8. Did it freak you out the first time heard him talk in his sleep or is that something he warned you about in advanced?

  9. Sebastian Svenson - The second one was the best one!

  10. Kristin - He only started talking in his sleep after we had been together for a while! Neither his parents, nor his ex-wife ever heard him talk in his sleep. There is an ex-girlfriend (now friend) who says he talked a bit while they were at university. -Karen

  11. The second will make a great card !! :D

  12. I look forward to getting on this site everyday, I too talk in my sleep. Although, nothing near as amusing or even understandable as this! Whenever I am having a bad day, I get on here and read or listen to what he says and it just makes me laugh! I love it! I do love the 2nd one! thats too funny. Thanks! - Marsha

  13. If only a shirt could be made with a velcro patch and changeable sayings! So much of what STM says could apply to various occurences throughout the days. And we couldn't get in trouble for "saying" those things, since we didn't... Right? ;P

  14. Chicken soup for Adam... pronto!

    Feel better soon =D

  15. I think that gender roles in modern day society have become very diverse. Men can do things that would have been regarded as highly feminine in the past and not be persecuted for it by others. Women have gained a lot of power in society and will continue to do so within the near future. Although the stereotypes of the typical male female roles still exist they are becoming more and more distant as a new generation emerges.

  16. LOL Oh that second quote from the honeymoon is PRICELESS! T-shirt worthy I wish I could let myself splurge and get a T-shirt...*sigh* :)

  17. OMG...Adam, your subconcious is a genius!

  18. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer: said...5 May 2010 at 20:23

    --->>> bbbbuttt...girl giglees and slymmy pottyfuls of funster.munsters in a pottosh of clayz and bakz...bbbbad to the bbbbone.boyz2men.

    poppinin' and weaslin' ina bittad~luv...sumtimes sorry 2say, i've missed'n messed, mucked'n muddled this shitzy situation and out it came, a world of newz.u.quin.use. iffyurup4 the downside - - - headin2words the upside and sentenced to a liferthehekofit in detail...yeahman, it'z notso glitzy, kilned and fired, unless one easydoesitright , , , right?

    (note.3.19.2010.noted) <<<---
    hip2therip, sliiiide it out in fullforce...non...squashed4rebilled.


  19. I love the second one!
    And it's so outlandish, you can't help but laugh (or roll your eyes)

  20. Christian Orduno5 May 2010 at 21:05

    lmfao! im gonna use the second one later on today =)

  21. Anonymous at 1436: I second that. T-shirts with Velcro and a few dozen attachable sayings should be available.

  22. When ever I think of pottery, I think of that scene in the movie Ghost. lol!

  23. 2manywhiskers6 May 2010 at 03:02

    As has happened before, my biggest laugh today was from a Karen-comment:

    "That second one I've been waiting to share for a long time. It's from our honeymoon."

    T: Yeah, that funky stuff! Hope you are feeling better soon, Adam. :) Hello, Prof Z.

  24. NewMexicanAnnie6 May 2010 at 07:01

    Awwwww, Adam! Join the ranks of the sick. [points to myself] Maybe mine is just allergies? But the asthma that comes along with it stinks.

    Let's ask Karen to make us some chicken soup and in the meantime, Adam, tell STM to quit slacking off! The world doesn't stop just because we're sick! :D

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  26. The velcro idea would be awesome!! . . .anyways. I LOVE the second one!

  27. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer6 May 2010 at 20:31

    hi 5's hope sleep-n-wake Adams' high temp---gets better, down a notch too, soontime, does call for a round of
    chickens to feather the blows of those woes,

    bed and rested yesterday
    will make for a today to.a.wakey.wakey, a spoonful of ' IT ' to feel better intune ala tomorrow and after that,

  28. Hi guys,

    I was lucky enough to find your site last week, and I love it! No, I've missed some words out. I love reading and sharing and laughing with and looking forward to the next installment of it. That's the sentence!

    Really, I'm so impressed with STM. I lose track of where my sentences are going when I'm awake, and he always gets these full, complex thoughts out. Even if he's kind of a jerk, he's a really brilliant one.

    Thank you both for sharing this.

  29. omg! i love the second one! i am sooo gonna use that on someone! i sleep talk too, but i don't record it.

  30. OMG! my husband wants the "i love you" shirt. He is one of those who has to suck it up and smile to everyone at work and sayings like these are just how he feels behind the smile.

  31. That second one made my day :D