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June 21 2010

"You're such a rectal intrusion. Unwelcome and painful."

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"Arma-fucking-dillo. Arma-fucking-armour-plated armadillo. Arma-what-the-fuck-is-it armadillo-dillo-dillo.... Useless intelligent design."
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Karen's notes: A quiet night again, so I had to dip into the nestegg. And, no, Adam was not mad at me this time.


  1. I still think it's funny stuff!

    Glad to hear that Adam isn't mad at you Karen :-)


  2. Amra-dillo you're a dillo we're all a f*cking dillo!

  3. Someone has been watching Royal Pains... :p

  4. Keep thinking of STM when I'm pootling along in my old Beetle. Started saying the "bop one, bop two..." one aloud t'other day, livened up the journey a bit. Also find myself muttering "what a piss-flap motherf*cking tosser" at bad drivers now too.

  5. For the armadillos, is Adam by any chance recalling the old Dime bar ads from the 90's?

  6. For a second there I thought Adam was going to sing a song by Marilyn Manson (Arma-g*dd*an-mother****in-geddon). But nope, armadillos!

  7. How many do you have in the nestegg? How often do you put them aside?

  8. Armadillos? Useless? NOOOO! Armadillos good! Very useful! 'Possum on the half shell! How cool is that!

    You can shell a bunch of them out, and make a stew! Then you serve the stew in the empty shells!

  9. jess, karen has quite a few put to oneside. on nights when i have been a chatterbox and have said more than 6 things she will hold back the extra.

    stoney13 - does it taste like chicken?


  10. So what are his view on evolution in his waking life?

  11. As a native Texan (and a liberal) I want this as a ringtone. It made me very happy :).

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  13. Adam, Yea it kind of does. It's an interesting flavor. Not quite as heavy as beef, yet not as light as chicken. Kind of a cross between turkey and duck.

    Makes a good stew with potatoes, carrots, and peas. Or you can forget about the veggies and just lay in lots of rice!


  14. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer22 June 2010 at 15:52

    do <3 a duck, BBQ'd, beefturkey, and
    chicken'd outa town, outa this world, butt...
    armadillo'sis wayout there, i think ;]
    must stew on it...rice-it-up...

    ----gone, silly is assilly bee again
    buzzinabout a dillydoodaaaa...
    eieioh...and on this farm----

    - armed for action, in case of hacksion, this fascinating species is a subject for prodding and probing and knows it!...soooo, such a rectal intrusion. Unwelcome and painful is sure, no belly laugh'n roll here, busy desueding the buckshots in every direction

    ...forewarned, goggle oneself now for such curiosity kills the cat that cat scratched fever and itch to twitch a primal specimen, kickin' and screamin' to a baby's bottom, and another pet project is quelled for another day...phewww, that was a close one.
    adiddlediddledee, adillodillodaaah...

    intelligence undercover-designed for scrutiny- uselessnot; meetmeatoomenu, no cold shoulders, mammal slurps and bugburps, adam's ant nest is clawful of joy here, see molar; no teeth, buttafewco; a waste of energy to grow...buoyant to swim with the dogs, paddlin' away from medsearch, ninebanded to a 4 leaf clover, IC poorly, but it nose and ears your presence...

    - in a suitcase, from the visiting vault of sillystrings pulled:

  15. as another texas native, and a lover of STM, yeah, i want this as a ring tone too. :)

  16. Hhahahahahaha
    I found Ur (husband) blog and I am Amazed!!! ur the most creative wife all over the world!!!
    Armadillo dillo dillo!! Ur the wife of a looney Tunes!!! I love u both! heheheheeh
    Greetz from Colombia!

  17. I'm not sure if Adam's ever listened to any old Flanders & Swann albums (they were rather popular back in the 60's), but I was instantly reminded of this song:

    I was taking compass bearings for the Ordnance Survey,
    By an Army training camp on Salisbury Plain;
    I had packed up my theodolite, was calling it a day,
    When i heard a voce that sang this sad refrain:

    'O my darling Armadillo, let me tell you of my love;
    Listen to my Armadillo roundelay:
    Be my fellow on my pillow, underneath this weeping willow;
    Be my darling Armadillo all the day.'

    I was somewhat disconcerted by this curious affair;
    For a single armadillo, you will own,
    On Salisbury Plain in summer is comparatively rare;
    And a pair of them is practically unknown.
    Drawn by that mellow solo, there I followed on my bike,
    To discover what these armadillo lovers would be like:

    'O my darling Armadillo, how delightful it would be
    If for us those silver wedding bells would chime!
    Let the orange blossom billow: you need only say, "I will," oh,
    Be my darling Armadillo all the time.'

    Then I saw them, in a hollow, by a yellow muddy bank:
    An Armadillo, singing to - an armour-plated tank.

    Should I tell him - gaunt and rusting, with the willow tree above,
    *This*, abandoned on manoeuvres, is the object of your love?

    I left him to his singing; cycled home without a pause.....
    Never tell a man the truth about the one that he adores.

    On the breeze that follows sunset, I could hear that sad refrain,
    Singing, 'Willow, willow, willow,' down the way;
    And I seem to hear it still: 'Oh, vive l'Amour - vive l'Armadillo!
    Be my darling Armadillo all the day;
    Be my darling Armadillo all the day!'

    "the Armadillo", by Michael Flanders 7@=e

  18. Armadillo? Has Adam been watching True Blood? :)

  19. Dear Adam and Karen,
    You brighten my day every single day. I look forward to seeing whatever you were blabbing about on especially bad days:)

  20. The armidillo one made me think of Marilyn Manson's 'Arma-Goddamn-Mother-F*cking-Geddon' (Usually just called Armageddon)
    And I tried to sing that, but as :Arma-Goddamn-Mother-F*cking-Dillo"

    It sounded really hilarious, especially because Marilyn Manson is a major goth.