Some content on this page is not suitable for young eyes or faint hearts.
Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


June 27 2010

"I shouldn't have put my foot in that. That was a biiiiiig mistake. Not gonna do that in a hurry. All that cleaning up to do now."

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"Fuck you. And everybody else who gets there before me."
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Karen's notes: These are from the nestegg.

I was awake before Adam, hoping he would start talking, and I was killing time snuggling with Molly the little doggie. When Adam opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the two of us staring at him expectantly. I think he got a bit creeped out. Poor thing.


  1. Poor Adam!

    In other news (lol), love the way he says Biiiiiiig! So deep!

    and the Fuck you and everyone else... Brilliant!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. don't put your food in the blender adam!

  3. I shouldn't put my foot in things too...or hand in my case. Was cutting the cat's nails on Friday, I got distracted he bit my hand and now it's infected...bigggg mistake.... yeah keep your feet outta things STM!

  4. Whoo! That second one can be interpreted in two ways, one, the pretty standard waiting-in-line-for-my-iPad sort of way and the other a brilliant double insult!

  5. Speaking of animal matters (stepping in it, getting bit by kitties), my partner says our awesome dog was barking in his sleep the other evening, not whimpering but actually barking. This whole domicile is getting sleep activated.

  6. LOL @ Adam. I'm with you Karen & Molly! You were merely waiting for the floor show to begin.

  7. 4ever =O) laughter27 June 2010 at 23:30

    - footing the bill, biggy;
    shopping; grocery overboard, cleanup?

    - loss of footing, biggy; not on solid-ground

    - a foot in the wrong direction-foot loose, not fancy free, biggy, my FOOT! ouch! googlin, there's footing? ohh.

    then where your walking in conversation, it could get pretty gross when you footstep into others-blob-icky (if you know what i mean! eww!) biggy ick!
    (wonder if this happened in STM world?)
    too real when i was a youngster!

    so, foot underfoot, lesson learned.
    feet could get us into a biggy bind of trouble, one way or another, without thinking.

    MY FOOT! (our eyes are on you)

  8. I can see a comedy skit a scurry, did Adam step onto a loose lonely plank, hit himself on the head in a rebound end effect, knocking himself cold for a bit, falling down amongst a shelf full of Molly toys (or worse), one big floorful of a color mess and doggies heaven on earth - just a thought

  9. "Fuck you. And everybody else who gets there before me."
    I always think that when there's a packet of Rolo's about.

  10. Maybe sleeping Adam took a big kick into or at something, sore foot and one big O mess! the house of dreams

  11. I would totally buy a shirt (assuming I had money) that said "Fuck you. And everybody else who gets there before me."

  12. Karen,

    I can just picture you and Molly staring at Adam with those expectant looks and I can imagine Adam's freaked out look...because I sometimes give my husband the same look as he wakes up and he's wondering 1) what's wrong and 2) what have I done to him as he slept. hehehehehe

  13. LMAO I love the way he says grapes.

  14. That was the best birthday present ever! =)

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