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June 30 2010

"Don't you give me those puppy eyes. Put 'em back. Puppy needs them."

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Karen's notes: Hmmm.... Perhaps this is the puppy that Adam was talking about?

Shameless merch plug: So many of you asked for "If your husband clucks like a chicken, call 9-9-9" shirts, I'm rushing them into the shops. Look for them later today. And yes, as requested, I am making a 9-1-1 version as well for you Americans out there.


  1. Yeah! Give back those puppy eyes. What kind of cruel person would still eyes from a puppy :p

  2. that is a damn cute puppy

  3. Ohh no. No no no. Do not give in to the beagle puppy eyes. You will be lost.

  4. he is channelling my dog who had an infection and has to stay at the vets till friday.. when i go visit she looks at me like that..

  5. This one oddly reminds me of Addams Family Values, when Gomez and Morticia are admiring their new baby boy -
    Gomez: He has my father's eyes.
    Morticia: Gomez, take those out of his mouth.


  6. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer30 June 2010 at 16:08

    :) Thankyou for posting your "about" face notes to the insight of your journey together, it really is a gesture of <3!

    Now, does this dream vision, stem from that day STM was being studies in his sleep with you and Molly gazing at him and he woke up with the sight of 4 eyes, crosseyed? ...and puppy eyes unlike eye-poppin' Mask in a comical-STM-habit to twist it about to haunt him, and it's
    Molly-love care to see her in one piece, another dream analyzed and dissected by snores-person with a theory swirled in the likes of arm waves of to and fro imagination

    ( just a sensory-perception-interpretation; make that, justa thought under the =8 ball of choices :)

  7. Cute puppy! :D

  8. 4ever =O) laughter30 June 2010 at 16:20

    On a platter, bone in mouth, a puppy present -
    - masterfully, dreaming of giving one's all,
    I agree!
    "Put 'em back. Puppy needs them."

  9. umm hi I live in New Zealand. My friend showed me your site and I really like it. That puppy is cute.

  10. Karen,
    I daily (actually,for about a year now) have been following your site and thoroughly enjoy the nightly musing of your husband. I recently started working for my Father, and now have all the resources at my fingertips to put quotes, logos, or whatever STM merchandise you could possibly want (pens, cups of all sizes, hats, shirts, you name it). Just thought I would take a page out of your book, Karen, and shameless plug my business lol. The company is Artform Business Solutions located out of Derwood, MD, although I operate out of Orlando, FL. We can ship all over the world, and can be that one stop shop for you, if you want! I'd love to work with you and get more and more people excited about STM, like all of your loyal followers! Check out the website at and send me an email at if you would like to get in touch, or have any questions. Much love and laughs from us at Artform! Keep up the good work!

  11. What about Triple-0 shirts for the Aussies?

  12. Taking puppy eyes....that's worse even than Jersey cow eyes....

  13. ah but remember, cows have nice eyes according to adam...

  14. Oh jeez Beagle eyes. Those are absolutely notorious. I know my Beagle just loves to sulk and pout and stare at me when he isn't getting peanut butter or love. But still, puppy needs eyes!

  15. T-SHIRT!!!!!

  16. Hi Karen,

    Are you making a "If your husband clucks like a chicken, call 0-0-0" version for the Aussie husbands?? ;o)

  17. Yeah, this one should definitely be on merch.

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