Some content on this page is not suitable for young eyes or faint hearts.
Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


June 5 2010

We had recently settled into bed. I still had my computer open; I hadn't even pressed "record" yet. To my surprise, Adam started chattering away. I wasn't even sure whether he was awake or asleep, so I started trying to interact with him. Here's what I caught once I started recording:
Adam: "You're not fitting in!"
Karen: "What do you mean?"
Adam: "I'm not mean."
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Adam: "Hmm"
Karen: "Hmm"
Adam: "Fat fucking hummingbird."
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(I guess he told me!)

In the way-too-early hours of the morning, we got these:
"Five balloons. Got to be five. No point going to the disco without five."
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"Now taser that tarsier. Do it before he jumps! Fry the little furry fucking freak."
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This is a tarsier. They are the most adorable little creatures, very shy, like to keep to themselves. I can't imagine a tarsier would ever do anything that would warrant getting tasered.

On top of that, when I told him what he'd said, Adam had to ask me what a tarsier is. He had absolutely no idea at all.



  1. Adam obviously doesn't like animals with large eyes! First bush babies and now Tarsier!
    Love the blog :)

  2. The interaction is great! :D And I love how the subconscious works and can during dreams and sleep talking bring up things you have no recollection of knowing about. Human brain, you are the greatest!

  3. lmao with the humming bird one. i bet you must never have expected that to come out. i wonder what other things you could get adam to say with a little "encouragement" from you? the laptop and bed movements have already had some effects (and the hilarious moment when he got his hand stuck in the headboard lol) why dont you try dipping your finger in a glass of water and letting the drips fall on Adam. (ooops sry btw Adam in advance if Karen goes ahead with this). Keep up the good work, you bringing laughter and smiles to thousands across the world.

  4. @Missbabypo: I was going to say that I guess this is the sequel to bush babies.

    Karen: you have to stop letting Adam watch the nature channel before bed!

  5. Oh that poor little Tarsier! lol.

    Funny stuff as usual!

  6. I went to a disco with four balloons once. What happened next doesn't bear repeating.

  7. the STM's comedy genius and sunshine the day couldn't be better!

  8. Once again, thank you for the giggles. This blog is the first thing I look at in the morning and it always starts my day off with a smile.

  9. Today's oneis hilarious. But about yesterday's one. Do you even think about what Adam dreams with he shouted "Mudlarks!"? It must be really awkward 4 u Karen.

  10. I didn't know what a tarsier was. Thanks for the education :p

  11. Gah, curse you both for more meaty temptations. now I fancy pan-fried Tarsier steaks

  12. The more I read this blog, the more certain I am that STM must be a totally different person than Adam. Thanks for the early morning giggle!!!!

  13. Does Adam wake up tired? It seems when he's asleep, his mind is bouncing around into all sorts of different areas. Does he ever remember any of his dreams? Or does he even dream....well, forget that last one, lol. I've heard that we all dream, but not everyone remembers their dreams.
    As usual, thanks for the education and the grins and giggles.

  14. Oh soo cute! (although those finger are pretty creepy...). LOVE THIS BLOG! Sooo funny. Haha, my friends always make fun of how much I sleep walk and talk when I'm at their houses (once at a hotel went to sleep in the bed, woke up in the hallway...not very fun, actually...)

  15. That last one reminded me of this pic:

    always good for a laugh

  16. thanks,xo
    love your blog
    i laugh every day i pass by,
    Karen thanks for interacting action
    love from oz

  17. Personally I think it looks like ET.

  18. Your husband is proof that the human brain is probably the coolest thing any organism could possibly have.

  19. that creature looks evil and i agree taser it

  20. "I'm not mean" hahahahaha... uh huh.

  21. "I'm not mean" Followed by "Fat fucking hummingbird". Bwahahahaha, I bet STM said the first just knowing you couldn't resist trying for a second time Karen! heh heh heh, I hope I don't run out of tears from laughing so hard, MUDLARK!

  22. I once had an argument in my sleep with an ex. I swore I was sitting in a chair playing the game Oblivion and said something about needing to jump down into the courtyard of a ruin. She kept asking "What courtyard?" and I kept telling her "Look, it's right there. It's right in front of you! What are you fucking stupid?! Look!"
    She got really upset and told me about it the next day. The thing is, I remember having the conversation, but in that memory I was sitting in the chair playing the game and getting pissed while she sat next to me ,yet I was really in bed the whole time sleeping.

  23. 5 out of 5 star rating on the Silliness Factor today! I love those days. :)

  24. --- maybe, justa maybe, that's one balloon for each of the Party of Five - or accordingingly, it's Panic! at the Disco and U2 – Discotheque'd, all decked out to shinetime...ala '80's Sex in the City stylefiled ...

    or else, one may get any one of these under
    a helium's breath an STM "I'm not mean." moment,
    but, not to tarsier any furflyin'feathers to
    induce sleepswearin' tomorrow
    - - - be it nena.99 REDLuftballons, jumpfreakin'

    4,3,2, 1...hi!pitchin'blastoff...crazytalk...
    ballooonzzz.out; pop goes the world...sillyputty;
    it's Hands Up, wassup...

  25. Why don't you make a facebook page for him?????

  26. there is a facebook page for him.

  27. I wonder if anyone else wakes up with odd phrases or words coming to mind in the morning? I don't mean you spoke them out in your sleep, but you wake up and you're like, "oh, what a funny thought!"

    I woke up this morning and the first thing I said was, "why on earth would I have a sausage fest in Death Valley?" o.O I don't get it.

  28. The tarsier reminds me of the bush babies. Problem with Buggy eyes?

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  31. Heyy i love this my sister was sleep talking when she said "I uhh I have something to tell you" I said "what?" and she shouted "Im going out with your boyfriend hes gorgeous I LOVE HIM" then snored again I was like I dont have a boyfriend lol.

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