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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


July 10 2010

"We should stand up for the downtrodden and ugly. Let them taste freedom for a moment... and then nuke the cunts."

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It was time to wake up, so I started calling Adam's name softly and stroking his arm, to which he replied:
"Stop distracting me. I need focus! Goddamnit!"
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I waited a few moments, and then gave the arm-stroking another try....

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KAREN: I don't think I'll put that one on the blog.
ADAM: I got "oobs". (meaning, "I know I said 'oobs'.")
KAREN: (laughing) You missed the first letter but you got the rest?
ADAM: Oh... "boobs" I said?
KAREN: (fondly)Yes.


  1. can you email it to consenting adults LOL

  2. ROTFLMAO i replayed this about 10 times aand could not stop laughing

  3. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer10 July 2010 at 13:18

    1st : nu, nu, nu - that would be a nunu, no nuking here.nothing is 'really' free after that deed

    2nd : his mind was sooo THERE...@ the ?+?

    3rd : ubberly speaking, "OOBS!" is a waking Adam's softspeak for sleeping Adam's BOOBerly thoughts...a nice downplayed version of the word oops...was i mistaken...just another viewpoint
    'in them directions'

    Karen and waking two surely MAKE OUR DAY! sleeptalk or not, it's two times the funniesx2. . .breezin'ease =)

  4. Doctor:"I'm afraid you've got oobs"
    Patient:"You mean moobs?"
    Doctor:"No, oobs, they're way worse and there's no cure"

  5. lmao.... best laugh today. love ya'll when you post your conversation when he wakes up.
    the first 2 deserve shirts and gotta make "BOOBS" into a ring tone, possible even make the second one into a ring tone also.

  6. I love how Adam does a sort of backwards waking up process in the third one. Usually you start by waking up drowsy, and then sort of work your way into full wakefullness. Here Adam wakes up with a bang, then very coherently says "I got 'oobs'", but after that he's already sounding sleepy-slurry when he realizes what he actually said :)

  7. BOOBS as a ring tone would be hilarious!!!!

  8. Too true. That could be my new incoming text sound.

  9. I really wouldn't mind having 'BOOBS' as an incoming text sound. I'm sure people would jump at it and question my sanity. x,D

  10. We need "BOOBS!" as a ring tone!!!


  11. ohhhh my bf is gonna like the last one lol.. RING TONE!

    what an amazing exclamation... waking yourself up by shouting BOOBS!... :D
    I agree it would be a great ringtone, although it would prob make you jump everytime the phone rang...

  13. Don't worry, they are my favorite too Adam. Boobs!

  14. Well, there are two definitions for "boobs" you know! Sure there's the one so well loved and accepted by schoolboys everywhere, and then there's the other one that is used to describe foolish or intolerant people! Those who are prejudiced towards iguanas, perhaps, and do not care to have their company at tea!

    I believe that it might be the latter of these two definitions that Adam meant! I did notice how loudly, and divisively "BOOBS" was shouted! How obvious it is that Adam's gentle, and giving soul is troubled by the rude exclusion of this peaceful reptile from distinguished company! How vexed he is at the poor being's shattered feelings at being denied the barest minimum of hospitality!

    Shall this affront go unanswered? Shall this knavery be allowed to stand? NO, I TELL YOU! A Kimodo Dragon turned lose among the shrubbery is not enough for their likes! Wild boar for their pantries, and scorpions for their underwear drawers! Let vultures find pleasant nesting in their gardens, and angry weasels leap from under their beds! Bats in their attics, and bees in their bathrooms, I tell you!

    Let the creatures of God swiftly SMITE the sinners for the knavish manners! LET THE IGUANAS HAVE TEA!!!! And a biscuit perhaps...or a light scone or two!

  15. Can we have the second one as a ringtone, too, please? It would be awesome!!

  16. I love how fast he said boobs, hilarious. And although I don't own a cell phone I agree "Boobs!" as a ringtone would be hilarious.

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