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Aug 25 2010

"What do you think you're doing? Totally inappropriate behaviour. Now sit down, put the electric sander away and concentrate on your art project, please... Monkeys!"

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Karen's notes: This came from the nest-egg. It would appear that Adam has left his job teaching water fowl, and is now sharing his wisdom with young primates.

Merch news: Wow, you guys really liked "zen-like state" yesterday! I rushed it into the shops. Shirts and mugs!


  1. Hmm, maybe he is back to school with us teachers and students.. Rule 1.. always hide the electric sander on day 1. :)

  2. Hi Karen and Adam, just wanted to say I love STM and never miss a day. Never talked in my sleep as far as I know but woke up yesterday to find I'd written a verse of poetry in the notes on my phone in my sleep the night before! Never had anything like that happen before!

  3. Graffiti Monkey's children, no doubt! Teach them well, Leonard! Teach them well!

    Let them know of the trials of their dear father, who would be with them if he could! If only he wasn't lending his spray paint, and his talents to the poor Iguana's sad plight! If only these Simian youth had been born in a happier time where the Iguana's right to tea was established! If only this work was unnecessary for them to live in a better world! A world where lizards might enjoy the blessings of refined culture!

    Let them know that he shall not rest, nor shall we until THE IGUANAS HAVE TEA AT LAST! The fascist bastards will know no rest, nor peace until Earl Grey's brew passes lizardly lips! They grim deeds will be posted in the most public of places until they LET THE IGUANAS HAVE THEIR TEA!!!!


    Know something? TEA FOR IGUANAS, would make a good T shirt!

  4. AAARRRGH! I got your names mixed up there Adam! Sorry about that!

  5. very well written story (by stoney13) on the plight of the iguana. i sense a revolt brewing with the iguanas not having their tea. their day shall come. they will have their tea. SO BE it.

  6. Can you put the "whoever invented calories" quote on an apron?? I want it!!!!!

  7. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer25 August 2010 at 17:36

    monkey sees 'n monkee's doooes, especially when itza don't! A call of the wild things, detailed and straight-lined, yet randomly orbital---
    ophen times, oscillating on a spindle, or the drumming on a wide belt, it's an,
    all-over-a-bunch-of monkeying around antics...4-eyeing goggled on the coompetition, with a blink of an eye, stiffled with a distant call to dissarm from the creative abandon of the moment, and it's back to the drawing bored, artyfarty project under the present directive STM'd and another one bites the dust, sandblasted and all glassed over, in a cloudy dustbowl, more monkey games, but, dust in the wind...going ape in a tribal mission, NUTS, monkeying around town'n banana'd in the crowd, WithOut the trusty sander... Mr.SandMan, pretty plea-sed!?

    (My Word!...inappropriate?...
    -monkey face and monkey noise)
    power tooled ---owwt.

  8. Oh, kids and their electric sanders! (Seriously, my daughter used to play with an electric sander, finding that it was great for caluses on her feet.)

    - David

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    Holistic Health Info.

  9. I'm an art teacher and SO desperately want this quote on an apron (for me to wear in my classroom). I REALLY want the other art quotes, but I might get fired :)

  10. Maybe he was having a flashback to the 60's and was speaking of The Monkee's instead of Monkeys's

  11. I think I may have to order that in a sage green tank. I am notorious for using the term "zen-like state of mind" in many of my status updates on facebook:^)

  12. The most amusing thing about this one is the way he says "monkeys." Not as if he is calling names, more to actual monkeys, and with great disdain. XD

  13. a very authoritarian tone of voice! no messing about in that class!

  14. hi KellyGrrl, karen will make this and put it in the shop for you. - adam