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Oct 10 2010

"Apologize to the sandwich. It's not its fault. Yeah, you made it. You filled it. Now you're disappointed. It's your problem. Enough with your projecting. Poor sandwich."

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"Just walking to the bus for you is the walk of shame. Walk of shaaaaame."
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"People like you, because you make them feel smarter and better in comparison. Really."
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  1. "People like you..." Great t-shirt idea! :)

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in Canada. I don't suppose you could talk about turkeys all day in hopes that STM will give us a Thanksgiving treat?

  2. lol @ Anon above me. Happy Thanksgiving from a fellow Canadian!

    poor sandwich indeed! lol.

  3. The first quote is Heavy approved.

  4. Was STM referring to "middleman" or "someone stuck between two parties" in the first quote?

    Or perhaps STM was talking with a vegetarian who found out that the sandwich had meat and refused to eat it.

    English is not my first language. I originally wanted to use "a person in a sandwich position", but I Googled it and...oh wow...


  5. @ Keith

    ROTFLMFAO I can only imagine your reaction when THAT popped up.

    I love the second one: "Walk of shaaaaame!"

  6. Ah STM - saying things I would love to stay to some of the people I serve at work.

  7. @Keith--- no, I think he's literally talking to someone who created and filled a sandwich (i.e. chose the ingredients, put the sandwich together etc.) and then decided to blame some kind of problem on the sandwich (hence the "enough with your projecting").

    That last one made me think of a line the song "Schadenfreude" from the musical Avenue Q:

    "The world needs people like you and me/who've been knocked around by fate/'cause when people see us, they don't wanna be us/and that makes them feel great!"

  8. This blog is awesome =3

  9. The "shaaaaame" reminded me of the "shuuun" from Charlie the Unicorn.

    And I love this blog. I check it everyday. It's often the highlight.

  10. 'People like you...' would make a great t-shirt!!! I think that quote is awesome.

  11. "You buttered your bread: now lie in it."

    Or alternatively:

    "You made your bed: now eat it." 7@=Q

  12. Am I the only one that reads STM sometimes and sees a Happy Bunny sneering back at me?

    (Those of you who are unfamiliar with Happy Bunny, simply Google. The similarities at times are striking.)

  13. "People like you,..." = greatest thing ever.

  14. @ Grace Alexander: SO YES!! hadn't made the connection until now. my favourite Happy Bunnies are "boys lie and kind of stink" and "you suck big time". :D

  15. walk of shaaaaaaaame..... priceless.

    @ keith.... lol would love to have seen your face when that popped up.

    t-shirt for the 3rd one!!!

  16. Keith, and others....just out of curiosity I Googled "a person in a sandwich position". The results are not as bad as you might think... most were for actually making a sandwich, getting a job at a sandwich or sub shop, or the town of Sandwich, Massachusetts. However, you might be surprised to learn that the VERY FIRST ITEM that popped up on the list was for Keith's comment on this blog! Too funny. Love you, STM, Adam, and Karen. Have to read you every day first thing. Always makes me chuckle. North Carolina

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  18. When terminally ill Warren Zevon was asked by David Letterman if he had any insights into life and death, he said "Enjoy every sandwich."
    STM seems to grasp this and put his own twist on it.