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Oct 26 2010

"When I'm king of the coalition, nobody's going to be able to poo at work, ever. A dirty waste of smelly time."

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Karen's notes: I've been holding onto this delightful little sentiment for a while. Today just seemed the right day for it.

Thanks so much to those who chipped in with donations for the monkeys so far! You can see who has donated here.


  1. Sounds to me as a quite normal opinion from an employer. At least here in Sweden.....



  2. I just donated $10. IMAGINE if everyone donated just a dollar? Thanks so much for sharing and all you do. Could you give the monkey an extra squeeze for my furry friend Stuart?! Best. Susan

  3. susan, thank you so much for you generosity. i am sure karen will be kissing all the monkeys and i will be giving big ape like hugs to all of them. - adam

  4. What will STM do to all the people who have IBS and therefore have no choice but to poo at work?

  5. Now Adam, you and STM should BOTH no by now that shit happens, and sometimes it happens at work!

    At the monkey park shit has been known to not only happen, but happen to fly through the air, and strike the unwary! Be alert!

  6. A "Monkey Donors" list? I'd love to be on it, but I'm fresh out of monkeys :(

  7. Just donated! Keep up the great work, Karen and Adam!

  8. Thanks Grace! And everyone else who has been donating! -Karen

  9. He's lifted this directly from one of David Cameron's speeches.