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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Oct 31 2010

The recorder ran out of space in the middle of the night, so it didn't catch Adam's sleep-talking. But here's what I was able to type out before it flew out of my head:
"You know what looks good on you. Come on, you know. Yeeaahhhh... (long pause) It's me! I do! Jesus, you're thick!"
And here is our conversation just after Adam woke up
ADAM: I feel awful.
KAREN: Aw, baby.
ADAM: My glands are swollen, my nose is stuffed, my head hurts, and alms for a leper.
KAREN: ... What?!
ADAM: ... Nothing. Never mind.
KAREN: Did you fall asleep right in the middle of talking?
ADAM: Yeah.
KAREN: What the hell?
ADAM: I had a really clear vision that I was in Life of Brian, and I was the leper begging, "alms for a leper."
KAREN: Oh! I thought you'd said, "Arms for a leper."
Now, there is a reason that I figured that Adam would be talking about arms. We spent all day yesterday working on our Halloween costumes. Perhaps a couple of pictures will explain my assumption:

Yes, I am a spider, Adam is a fly, and that is my saran-wrap (aka cling film) web around him.

By the way, I am NOT that tiny compared to Adam. He's just 5'8", so that would make me, what, four and a half feet tall? It's just the perspective of the image.


  1. great costumes!! you both look great and you are definitely one spider that any man would be lucky to be saran wrapped by.

  2. thanks
    lots of love from oz

  3. Love it!!!!


  4. Spiders have six legs?

  5. Anon...did you count her arms AND legs into the equation?!?! lmao.

    Great costumes!!!

  6. Gonna need one hell of a big vacuum hose to get rid of that spider!

  7. Brilliant costumes!!! You're so lucky that he's so game to dress up. My stick in the mud hubs never will :( Oh well... I will have my revenge.

  8. Suddenly, I don't hate spiders so much.

  9. Oh, my god, that's ADORABLE!

    Also, ten points to Adam for the Monty Python reference. :)

  10. LMAO at the first one. "It's me! I do! Jesus, you're thick!"


  11. Karen--Great pictures but once again you have me convinced that you are Adam's child bride...

  12. Happy Halloween, you two!
    From nanaimo, BC Canada...

  13. Awesome costumes you two. Well done.
    Karen, I am totally jealous of your hair.

  14. ... hey - you look like Chelsea Clinton in that picture..!!!

  15. Aw..., I don't know why, but my poor pitiful 'puter won't load the image (could it be a Firefox issue?). I want to see too!

    *grumble grumble*

  16. good costumes Karen and Adam. reminds me I need a new fly swatter.... I can still use my shoe on the spiders.

  17. @ karen - 4 and a half feet tall.... just say your 10 feet tall.

  18. I hope he is feeling much much better, perhaps he's allergic like me to halloween treats. I'm a big fan even though I am a lacto ova vegetarian. I'm sure he's not really out to get me as lentils and I don't get along, I am a bit allergic. Black beans, however are a favorite along with many foods I shouldn't have fries, pies and candies of course!

  19. Hello from Nouméa, thanks for sharing.

  20. Love your guy´s outfits. Very creative with the cling film.