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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Nov 15 2010

"Every time I look in the mirror, I cry a little for all the ugly people. They must be so dissatisfied with their lives."

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"I'm gonna empty my mind into your face. You've been warned."
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Karen's notes: Wow. The first one is just obnoxious, and the second one, well, what the hell does that mean? Is that the passionate version of "I'm going to give you a piece of my mind"?

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  1. The second one fills me with fear. If only I knew what it meant...!

  2. Oh Wow! That first one is quite obnoxious!! (heh lol)

    I'm lost on the second one too!

  3. Somehow I find myself wishing for a happy quote from STM. Like a genuinely nice and happy one where there is no nastiness at the end.
    Not that I dont love nastiness, but I need some love today!

  4. I have a theory on the second one. Actually it's something of an overarching theory of STM, if you will.

    The theory goes that anytime wakeful Adam represses or ignores or refuses to deal with any piece of information (or branching possibility), it goes into the unconscious and stays there until its first chance to escape - typically via sleeptalking, in this case.

    I'm guessing he only started talking once he felt he had an audience, who made him feel safe? Shadow-selves are often very particular about how they can be expressed.

    If I'm right, "I'm gonna empty my mind into your face" is a warning to wakeful Adam that if he doesn't look at and honestly deal with the whatever-it-is he's refusing to deal with, his subconscious will assume the worst and twist his emotional affect to bring about whatever possible future he's afraid of. Thus seeing if it really is so bad after all.

    I have no idea what the big bothersome scary possible future might be, but based on the first message, I'm guessing he's insecure about his appearance? Those aren't ugly other people who are dissatisfied. Those are ugly potential Adams - versions of himself who feel ugly.

    I'd like to take a moment and encourage you to openly, honestly, and without judgment, listen to each other's deepest inner concerns, using this blog as a starting point. Don't ask, "Is this what you think?" Ask, "If you thought this, how would it feel?" Then you'll know each other - not just who you are, but who you could be. Amazing how rewarding that feels.

    (Disclaimer: I have no credentials of any kind. Only take my advice if it feels right to you. Remember that I know nothing about your unique individual situation. Also remember that I didn't just make this stuff up out of nothing.)

  5. @Josh - I'd like to make an appointment please! ;o)

  6. The second one sounds like he's getting ready to punch your face into a pulp to make himself feel better.

  7. honestly, the second one sounds like a warning that in-your-face brutal honesty is on its way. perhaps the miserable real-life person (hate to guess who that might be) could use a dose of what usually gets expressed in STM mutterings.
    though, if i know miserable real-life persons, the possibility of saying what you really thing without backlash from hell is slim. ;-)

  8. Ewww... mental bukkake.

  9. Wow Josh, that's really deep ( no sarcasm intended ) however, I would tend to think it's as simple as he is going to give the person a piece of his mind -- although in this situation, his entire mind. Just my opinion, I tend not to over think things.

    Wishing you all a good night's sleep and a great morning (click my name learn more)

  10. The second one sounds like something a Doctor Who villain would say.

  11. Josh- shut up.

    If this couple need help, they probably wouldn't ask one of their blog-followers. Let the couple be a couple without your input.

    (Unless of course you have input on what you would like to see on a t-shirt.)

    The man sleep talks, whether its his subconscious telling him to "be careful" or just a way for his mind to release... who cares? It's not your life.

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