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Nov 2 2010

"Baby hats. I need some baby hats. Have you got any baby hats? Oh shit. I really need some baby hats. (whimpering) Oh. Ooh. Bollocks."

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"Dinner AND sex? Oh! I can't multi-task. Too much pressure."
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Karen's notes: I love that tiny, pathetic little "bollocks".

As for the second one, I should mention that Adam loves to cook, he makes me dinner nearly every night. And, you know, we sometimes have sex. But I want to make clear that I do not coerce him to engage in these activities at the same time. That WOULD be some impressive multi-tasking!


First place goes to: MARISA

"So, my 13 year old decided at the last minute that dressing as a penguin would do irreparable harm to his social standing. He chose soldier instead. Having already spent a bit of time altering a thrift store orca costume, I stuffed myself into the costume designed for a 90 lb kid. My granddaughters may never look at me the same way again..."

And the runner up is: JOELLE

And an honorable mention for her awesome karate kid pose goes to: ANITA

Thanks everyone!


  1. beware of frying oil spitting out off the pan when'd be fun to explain those burns ;-)

  2. Dinner AND sex? Oh! I can't multi-task. Too much pressure.

    This has got to be by far my new favourite!!! Love it!

    Great costumes! Kudos to the penguin guy squeezing himself in there lol.

  3. Dinner and sex AND baby hats!! Makes one wonder if Adam is making plans for a new addition to the family!
    Any kids on the horizon for you two? Wouldn't it be cool if your kids sleep talked too. Lord, you'd have to go out and buy some more recorders. Karen, you would NEVER get any sleep! As always, thanks for the smiles and laughter. When I'm feeling blue, I come back and go through some of the older blogs. Always works for me.

  4. The vampire penguin costume is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen!!!! Only us die hard fans can really appreciate it! I'm still laughing!

  5. Ninjas in stilettos... How hot is that??!!

    And the vampire penguin is exactly how I pictured it would look!

    Karen, if you have other entries, you should post them too!!

  6. Um... the guy was a girl. Though I thought it was a little butch myself. *facepalm* For extra fun, go to:
    My daughter videotaped my desperate attempts to move in the costume for you.

    If STM needs baby hats, I'd be happy to knit him a few (seriously)... just finished knitting several for CURE international to send to a NICU in Afghanistan. You could send them to the monkey sanctuary for.. for grins and giggles.

    The ninjas are both great! Joelle looks like she could kick some serious butt.

  7. Dang!! Joelle's outfit looks awesome! Props to the vampire penguin. But Joelle... just dang! <3

    OK it's been nice knowing you all, I'll probably wake up trying to hold my guts together ;)

  8. i'm sorry? did stm just turn down sex? or food? i think that's a first.

  9. in third picis that stm shirt if so kudos.

  10. Marisa, I don't have to look at the video. I find if I look at your picture long enough you seem to be swaying vampire penguinotically hypnotically. I have to warn you I am wearing a pickled herring necklace to protect myself!
    Against the stiletto ninjas, alas, I don't think there is any protection.

  11. @Marisa et al: Just as long as you didn't explode...... 7@=Q

  12. @edmund; Yes, that is indeed the stm shirt!

    @all; thank you for the nice comments :)

  13. OMG Marisa, You NAILED it!!! That is just as I would picture a vampire penguin! Thanks for your fine work (Ninjas too!)

  14. Marisa - that is AWESOME!!! And your penguin waddle-walk in the video - - LOL!!! That is the funniest Halloween costume I've seen in ages. Thanks for such a great laugh! I'm so glad your son wimped out. :) Thanks, Karen!

  15. I didn't picture hats FOR babies, I pictured him wanting baby hats. You know, hats that are still infants themselves.

  16. that is the exact picture of a vampire penguin as I could think of... awesome job marissa!
    as for the fashion assassins - I couldn't have done a better job at looking good in high heels, and I'm a guy!! great job!

    lol hope STM/Adams head didn't explode from to much pressure!!! *wink wink* crazy kids! lol

  17. Baby hats - Is there a pregnancy on the horizon?