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Nov 4 2010

"Me: Awesome concentrated."

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Karen's notes: Nothing last night. I had saved this from yesterday.

Merch news: "Any further complaints" is on shirts, messenger bags, and mugs, and you'll now find a "Now you're older than Jesus" birthday card!

And, NOW is the time to buy presents early, because:

NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIRED! That's right, just plain old free shipping on whatever you order.

In case you can't read the print in the image, the offer is until November 14, and the coupon codes to enter during checkout are:

for US orders: SHOPEARLYUS
for orders in Canada: CADSHOPEARLY (this is limited to $4.50)
Yay Spreadshirt!


  1. No free freight for Aussies? :-(

  2. I'm so sorry! If you try putting in an order to the US shop, and then put the code in, does it at least give a discount? -Karen

  3. hey karen! i can't find the "direct line to god" t-shirt. did you remove that from the store?

  4. I hope you're going to do a "me: Awesome concentrated" tee! My son would love it.

  5. Could you put "Me: Awesome concentrated." on a mug? I'd like to do an Awesome Mug bundle. Adjective for Awesome + Awesomeness now has a name + Here I am + Keep Looking. It doesn't get any better... + Me: Awesome concentrated. Thank you.

  6. Great idea! I'll make the mug tonight! -Karen

  7. Today's my birthday, and I am so going to be saying "me: awesome concentrated" all day!

  8. personally i find saying "happy birthday to me" works on my birthday! - adam

  9. How about the "whoever invented calories" quote on an apron? I really really want it...

  10. Markus - I put the text only version of "Direct Line to God" in the US shop. It's on the last page. Let me know if you want the speech bubble version, or you need it in the UK shop instead.

    Anonymous who wanted a "Me: Awesome concentrated" mug: It's now in there!

    Anonymous who wanted the apron: I put it in the US shop for you. Choose the "Aprons, Sleepwear & Underwear" category to find it.

  11. Hi! Could you do a "Me: Awesome Concentrated." tee?

    Love the site. Thanks!

  12. hey karen!
    if you could add the speech bubble version of "direct line to god" to the UK shop, that would be great!