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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Dec 31 2010

"Oh, thank you for inviting me to dinner. I would rather drink the contents of a week-old enema. Maybe we'll have coffee."

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Ok, that bit of charm was from the nest-egg, as there was no actual sleep-talking last night. But, this was how Adam woke up this morning:

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ADAM: LEECHES! (slapping at his chest) Oh, it's Molly. Paw.
KAREN: Molly's paw feels nothing like a leech.
ADAM: She's scratching on my chest.
KAREN: Oh, Molly, don't scratch Daddy's chest.
ADAM: My back is killing me.
KAREN: Uh-oh.
ADAM: I've gotta be really careful. So, there will be no Time Warp for me this new year. I have to Time Warp at least once a decade.
KAREN: Hey, we're going from 2010 to 2011!
ADAM: This was the naughties, so what's the next decade then?
KAREN: The naughties?! I've never heard that! I missed ten whole years of being able to say that?
ADAM: No, we call it the naughties here.
KAREN: But I missed being able to say it.
ADAM: Oh I'm sorry, Baby. So then what are we gonna call the next decade, is it the teenies?
KAREN: Yeah!!


  1. I think it's spelled noughties, derived from "nought", which means zero. Naughties sounds like more fun, though.

  2. can take it as a compliment, it's not as bad as sucking the contents of an eight week old elephant enema with a straw... over and over again, because it's inevitable to throw up. I mean come on, STM is getting nicer and nicer every day!!!!!!!!

  3. this pun with the naguhties was a good one indeed.

  4. I can't believe i've had ten years of missing out on saying "naughties".... I feel like i've failed at life somehow, Teenies just NOT the same...


  5. Surely it's "Onesies" next.

  6. Anonymous @ 16:09 warbled, "Surely it's 'Onesies' next."

    Nuh-uh... no way - I'm not wearing one of those for ANYONE!

  7. Happy New Year you two! Thanks for brightening up the last year and a bit!!!

  8. Rocky Horror a normal NYE activity? Because it's come up twice in the last ten minutes in my life.

    Also, I think Jackie31337 is right.

  9. Technically, we're not going into a new decade now. The "noughties" were from 2000 until the end of 2009 (the "nought" in "noughties" refers to the "nought" in '09). Sorry to ruin the fun.

  10. Just read+heard the whole thing top to bottom. From a fellow (however thankfully unpublished) STM in Portugal I must say: I'm definetly a fan!! While also jealous you found a woman who you can laugh about the whole thing with!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR you two!! Never stop what you're doing :D

  11. n0sh is absolutely right! :)
    happy new year everyone!

  12. No Time Warp?

    But - it's just a jump to the left........ 7@=Q

  13. Another thought...........

    Would the Teenies signify a return to the Nanny State? 7@=Q

  14. everyone out there should read Sartre's Nausea. Everyone.

  15. A whole entire year of "Elevensies"! Thank you J.R.R. Tolkien!

  16. thou shalt never read terrible jokes like this1 January 2011 at 11:25

    this should be read aloud with a tricky pronunciation

    Mr G. Gandalf meets Frodo and Sam in the forests and says
    - Oh I'm so jealous of guys because you see your wrok is your hobbi(t)s too.

    *glances at the drummer guy but he's not making any sound just holds his head and his lips read some awful "nooooooooo arghhhh"

  17. at nosh, 2010 was part of the naughties, a decade goes 2001 to 2010, there will a cenus in 2011 like in 2001, 1991 etc which always happens at the start of the decade.

    i go for tweenies

  18. Like Edmund ^, I go for tweenies, but only for 2011/2012. From 2013 onwards it is indeed the teenies.

  19. @n0sh: a fellow Portuguese STM? We must meet!

    I'm fairly sure this decade is to be called the "onderes" (pronounced like wonders).

  20. I wonder what the slogan for the "Tweenies" will be... any idea STM?

  21. Elevensies@@!!!!1111!!!!!1111ONE!!!!!

  22. awwwwww i just wanted to say not only do i love your blog but i love you as a couple! so fun and loving - even in the middle of the night when some people would be pissed to be woken up :)

    keep it up!!!!

  23. You didn't miss out on saying it. Just think, how often do you still refer to the 80's and 90's? The naughties is the term can use to refer to that decade now that it's passed.

  24. @ Edmund: by that logic 1980 was not part of the eighties, but 1990 was. I'm not talking legal or political decades, but semantics :P

  25. he talks a lot about drinking/eating contents of [fill in the blank]!!

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  28. Adam talks a lot about drinking/eating certain disgusting things.

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