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Dec 8 2010

"Vaginas have brains. Oh, they've worked me out. And they don't like me. Oh!"

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"Why aren't you wearing a cat on your head, Monkey-Custard? Hmm? Go find one. Run along, run along."
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And here we have the dramatic wake up!

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STM: (lots of little moans, and then) BOOBIES!
KAREN: (groans)
ADAM: Shhhh. Don't say a word. Don't don't don't don't don't don't please.
KAREN: (sigh)
ADAM: Ok, you can say something now.
KAREN: I assume you know what you just shouted.
ADAM: Bees...
KAREN: No, not bees. I mean, yes, bees was part of it.
ADAM: What was the whole thing?
KAREN: (chuckles)
ADAM: Go on.
ADAM: Hmmm... My head hurts.
KAREN: Actually, my throat really hurts.
ADAM: I was talking about me. Don't take it away. I'll come to you later.
ADAM: My head hurts.
KAREN: Oh, Baby, I'm sorry.
ADAM: That's better. How are you?
KAREN: Actually, my throat hurts.
ADAM: Oh, really?
KAREN: Yeah.
ADAM: Yeah, my head hurts worse.

Karen's notes: My throat really does hurt.

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  1. yay, i've been hankering for a reveal!

  2. rofl at BOOBIES!
    and i love how he's so matter-of-fact when he asks why monkey custard isn't wearing a cat on his head. classic stm

  3. That's our STM/Adam!! No matter what, he's the important one in this equation!! Too funny!

  4. big fucking thanks8 December 2010 at 08:21

    for your pragmatic advice, I'll find a feline soultion as soon as I can. and MY HEAD HURTS WORSE! WORD!

  5. STM is beginning to take over Adam! Watch out!

  6. As a man I know the most unfortunate moments in life are those when vagina brains figure you out. You can never fool them, they always figure you out.

  7. A friend just turned me onto this site last night 12/07. I went through two pages worth and decided to save more for later. I broke out in fits of laughter several times, complete with tears of joy. I'm so glad you two have shared this, unable to sleep I came back and... just wow. You'll see more of me.

  8. JULIA - hope you like the photo!! next time pop by and i'll have a picture taken of the two of us.

    hope you have a great day.


  9. This blog is legend...
    wait for it...

  10. The reveal was absolutely hilarious today :P

  11. ok... first of all BOOBIES needs to be a ring tone, and possibly a shirt.
    STM - welcome to the club they don't like me either.
    also on a side note, I've always heard us guys have 2 heads, now I know where the brains went for the one that isn't attached to my neck!

  12. The reveal always cracks me up because I never know when Adam is truly awake and in contol of STM.

  13. I've never posted here before, but after hearing BOOBIES!, I have to say that, honestly, that is the absolute FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD FROM STM! Dropped me. Out of the blue, just hollers it. Poor STM won't let Adam sleep. Sorry friends, but that is simply hilarious. Oh my. I'm to tears. Carry on y'all, carry on.

  14. I think "BOOBIES" would be an excellent ringtone... put on somebody else's phone.   8^)

  15. man....
    btw has any of you folks undergone some medical treatment for the b. d. of the p.? my shrink advices so, but I really don't want my most precious neurotransmitters to be taken away just like *that* I'm afraid of gettin boring and shite...anyone????

  16. needless to add that8 December 2010 at 19:47

    anyone or everyone can disregard that question in case the one who said it was too much again

  17. Monkey custard? It's the guy from the Rowntrees Randoms ad!

  18. I love you guys more with every passing day.


  20. Yes! Vaginas have brains but not BOOBIES!!!

    A shot glass of warm honey, with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice will do wonders for your throat, Karen!

  21. Alright, the shit's contagious!

    I laid down on the sofa for a nap after work. My wife told me I suddenly sat up, swung my feet around, reached over to the coffee table plucked up a half pound bag of cigarette tobacco! I fixed a steely stare at the television,(which was turned off), and had a polite handful. While I was chewing it, I woke up the rest of the way!!

    I've been laughing at you guy's stuff for months, and now I HAVE PAID!!!!!

  22. Posting this here in hopes of beating the Christmas rush. Can we get tall sizes for relatives related to Frost Giants? If so, I need a bunch for the abnormal side of my family. ALHW

  23. You guys are too darling together. :)