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Feb 13 2011

"Pretty people get the blame for all the bad things ugly people do. It's true!"

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I think STM actually got it backwards. But there's no arguing with the man.

* Today's post was pre-scheduled. We're off on holiday. See you tomorrow!


  1. Hmm... this works if you don't base it on looks, but rather the actions of others. Sort of letting the bad apple spoil the whole bunch type of thing.

  2. STM is channeling his inner Lindsey Lohan/Paris Hilton/Britney Spears.

  3. When are you coming bacccck??

  4. Tomorrow. Read the bottom of the post, Luna.

  5. Back tomorrow? COOL! I don't know much about primates, even though I am one,(what sort of one the jury is still out on!), however I do know about emus! See, my neighbor bought one of these damned big birds!

    Now! I want you to "Google" "Saluda North Carolina". That's where I live. Look like a place with all manners of exotic wildlife scampering about? Well at any other time, you would be right! I will now tell you all about a very wrong day!

    It all began one morning when I had successfully completed half of morning constitutional, and my sweet, gentle. kind-hearted, and long-suffering wife was spraying the air-freshener, (less the vapors escape from the bathroom, and knock birds out of the sky like last week.)

    I poured myself my morning 6 shots of espresso into the special cup I have for this purpose, and stepped outside to take the morning air. It was at this time that the six-foot-high guinea fowl burst from the underbrush, ran across the yard. It looked at me. It looked at me. The damned thing looked at me!

    I stared at the six-foot-tall guinea fowl, then stared at the six shots of espresso, (in the special cup which I have for this purpose). I looked at the emu who was still staring at me as if I were the one who had no business being where I was. I poured the espresso out, and went back in the house. I told my wife what I had seen, she told me I was crazy, and hid all the guns,(again)!

    Some time later my neighbor, Chris heard a strange sound at his back door. It sounded exactly like an emu pecking at his shiny brass door knob. He opened the door to find that that was exactly what it was.

    Chris and the emu stared at each other for several seconds until Chris closed the door, and considered what he had just seen. He opened the door again, and the emu was gone!

    Chris sat down on his sofa, and stared at nothing until his wife came home and made him stop.

    I will continue with this tomorrow, as right now it is 3:00 in the morning where I am, and I have to work!

  6. "If only that were true. Pretty people don't get blamed for anything, they are immune. They blame the ugly."

    If this comment system were Disqus, Anonymous... well, you'd get to see a lot more of my commenting for a start, but I'd definitely get to "like" your comment.

    BTW, just discovered this site tonight thanks to a link on another blog. Your husband's got an awesome British accent! Back when I was much more of a raging Anglophile, I'd be all over that kind of accent. Thanks for recording and posting these for our enjoyment!

  7. The "you" directed at "BTW..." is toward the blog owner/maintainer, BTW. Sorry for the mixup!

  8. my 13 year old responded to this with, "I'm going to get blamed for a lot of things in my life, aren't I?"

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