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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Feb 15 2011

From the holiday:
"Who put the broccoli with the papaya?! Don't EVER put the broccoli with the papaya. The papaya needs no friends. Leave the broccoli out of it."
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Definitely inspired by real events. We spent our mornings preparing food for the monkeys, chopping up mango, papaya, melon, pineapple, lettuce, broccoli, and corn. Adam's least favorite job was peeling and slicing papaya. I didn't realize he had such respect for the papaya.
"Oh, it's time I got a tail. Yeah, a real strong one. No, not for climbing, so I can wrap it around your neck and squeeze the living shit out of you. Maybe then I'll go climbing."
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This one too. Observe:

In case you missed it, that's a monkey tail around Adam's neck.


  1. That first one really reminded me of this from Edward Monkton:


  2. Oh, Adam's brown eyes are so warm and kind. And the monkey beside him is cute even though it is balding. But why did you make it wear a blue shirt?

  3. If his least favourite job was peeling the papaya, that statement could also be interpreted as putting the papaya into isolation, and sparing the broccoli from its presence! :)

  4. LOL! I like his 2nd statement!

  5. I want a tail too! Hanging from the rafters would be infinitely better than this stupid hospital bed!

    Welcome home, guys!

  6. Frankly, I would leave the broccoli out of everything... 7X=Q

    And I think prehensile tails would be a great accessory: someone should look into it..... 7@=Q

  7. Can we make a parody of Lime in the Coconut but instead use Don't put the broccoli in the papaya?

    Love the second comment. Darn, its got to be interesting to hear those comments at night.

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