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Feb 26 2011

"Red panda… Blue panda… Blue panda… Green! Panda, stop changing colours. Someone go and get chameleon and find out what the hell's happened here."

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And here are the first moments of the morning:

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ADAM: (awakens, opens his eyes, peers at me lit by the glow of the laptop) You look like a mermaid.
ADAM: Yes.
KAREN: What's making me look like a mermaid?
ADAM: The fact that I'm imagining you with a tail?
KAREN: So what you mean is, I look like a mermaid in your brain.
ADAM: Yeah.


  1. I love Karen's last line "So what you mean is, I look like a your brain."
    I'm imagining you mentally screaming the last 3 words..."IN YOUR BRAIN" doofus...lmao...loveable doofus though!

  2. Red Panda, blue panda - channeling your inner Dr. Seuss, Adam?

  3. I love how STM needs a chameleon to ell him why the panda is changing colors.

  4. You must be a mermaid because you are an otter mom.

  5. It's obvious that the evil Dr. Chameleon has been teaching Panda how to change colors. Brilliant!

  6. So which half of the panda was changing colours, the black or white half? They can't both change to the same colour at once, since then it would just look like a bear. Unless it was two shades of the same colour.

  7. When I first saw "Red Panda - Blue Panda", I thought it was some sort of military code-talk........ then I saw the rest...... 7@=Q

    Oh, and "I Look Like a Mermaid in Your Brain" sounds like it would make a great pop song..... 7@=e

  8. Awww. :( For a second there I thought Adam might be talking about my favourite animal eva: the red panda.

  9. Karin, Adam - Love your escapades. Is this still going on today (April 2018)? Your sleep talkin habits. Maybe it is time to buy melatonin uk and get yourself some well deserved sleep without waking up. Good luck to your family.

    The Melatonin Man :)