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Feb 4 2011

"Right. I've had enough. I'm splitting you two up. You over there and you are going all the way over there. I tell you, you've got to be really fucking quick and hard on these chinchillas. Take no prisoners."

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Karen's notes: These are two chinchillas, obviously enjoying the party:

I think we can all agree that they are not causing any trouble at all.

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* Today's post was pre-scheduled. We're off on holiday!


  1. Obviously a couple of frisky ones... ;)

  2. It's quiet here with you on vacation. It's like everyone thinks it's rewind day every day. Their loss of new material!

  3. Aww, chinchillas are the most darling, soft and delicate of creatures. That said, they can be destructive and dangerous, just like any animal.... one chewed through an electrical cord at my friend's house and she got a nasty shock!

  4. I want a new fur coat!

  5. take no prisoners lmao

  6. They may be behaving *now*........ but just wait until your back is turned! (It's the cute ones that are always the most dangerous......) 7@=Q

  7. My friend asked me to house-sit a couple chinchillas. Cute, yes, but they are nothing but turd machines and escape artists! No bunnyrats for me! STM has something there...

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