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Mar 20 2011

"'Scuse me. 'Scuse me, everybody. You're all arseholes. Fucking shit-spewing dirty arseholes... Carry on!"

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Karen's notes: I imagine a workplace, some company with a big open-plan layout, people doing all different sorts of different tasks, a buzz to the environment. STM stands up, claps his hands to get everyone's attention, and... you know the rest.

What about you guys?


  1. The first image I got in my head was STM cutting off a rabbi's sermon in a synagogue by standing up and saying this, and then just casually sitting down again. (I don't even know if STM identifies as a Jew. I would see him more as the leader of some obscure cult.)

  2. I just imagined the setting from the film, Office Space, when reading this, lol

  3. I was thinking more of a dinner party that for some reason he was forced to go to and he wanted to get out of ever being invited again.

  4. I imagine him saying this at the wedding of a really rich relative to all the others who are sucking up to said relative for their cash, and the relative's gold digging bride or groom.

  5. I definately pictured him at a wedding, during the dinner portion, taking the microphone and tapping it between 'scuse me's with his wine glass in hand and toasting with the "carry on"

  6. I'm thinking this could be adapted on to some sort of de-motivational poster!

  7. haha i think STM just read my mind because that is exactly what i want to tell my place of employment.

    thanks for making my day better!

  8. I was imagining him at a high school auditorium filled with students about to hear the student body presidential candidate speeches.

  9. Well I pictured someone secretly borrowing the P.A. system (at my work, it runs music and announcements all day), he makes this statement and quietly slips into the crowd.

    No harm, No foul.

  10. I work in an open-plan layout office with everyone from the engineers, to the technical support, to the sales staff, all the way up to the CEO all work in one big open area. I can actually see a few of the people I work with doing this exact same thing. In fact, there have been several times I've thought about doing something similar to this myself. lol

  11. I pictured him poking his head into a board room full of executives having a meeting.