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Mar 26 2011

"Stop looking at me. You're interfering with my imagination."

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When I told Adam about this one, I said, "Yeah, that's not interesting at all, I'm not even sure it's worth including on the blog," to which he replied, "Well, you wouldn't want to hear that during sex." Hmmm. Good point.
"The ravioli's plotting something. Always hiding his agenda. Stick with fusilli. Really trustworthy."
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And then the reveal. I want to apologise in advance for the total lack of sensitivity shown in the final moments:

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ADAM: (waking suddenly) What time is it? Did you set the alarm? Are we going to work? What time?
KAREN: The time is Saturday.
ADAM: (grunt)
KAREN: Are you batting your eyelashes at me?
ADAM: Because one of them decided to poke me in the eye.
KAREN: You're not flirting?
ADAM: Do I need to?
ADAM: Oh crap.
KAREN: "The ravioli's plotting something. "
ADAM: Hmmm?
KAREN: "Stick with fusilli. They're trustworthy."
ADAM: Everything sticks to fusilli and you can see it and it's yummy and I like fusilli. It's way above spaghetti. Spaghetti's so 1980's.
KAREN: I went through a period when I wasn't into spaghetti. I was into penne.
ADAM: Penne? Nothing happens to penne.
KAREN: That's not true. Penne's delicious.
ADAM: Fusilli.
KAREN: I don't care what you say. I think penne's really special.
ADAM: Yeah, short bus special.


  1. I'm with you on this one, Karen. I love penne.

  2. rotini!!

    hehe nice to know that SBS is in England too. I thought it was just the states we had that! as insensitive as it may be, I still cracked a smirk with it. does that make me an evil person? well... perhaps STM has that down pat, and he is my idol. lol

  3. The first one for t-shirts, maybe cups, and the second one just begs to be on an apron. ;)

    Glad you didn't sort out the first! :D

  4. Makes me glad that outside of macaroni and cheese I don't like pasta at all.

  5. Wiki has 142 different kinds of pasta listed ! my favorite is fiori

  6. I teach special ed.....that being said...I choked on my coffee laughing at the whole pasta post.....short bus special.....bwahahaha

  7. Since all pasta tastes the same, I don't understand certain preferences for different shapes. It's just depending on what type of sauce you're making, I think...

    Anyway, fusilli looks like telephone cords. Not that anybody has telephone cords anymore...

  8. Yes, Waiter, I would like some Sponge Bob Squarepants pasta with marinara...

  9. "Who knows what evils lurk in the hearts of ravioli?

    The STM knows....... HAHAHAHAHA...... " 7@=E

  10. I'm from the school of making your food as visually interesting as possible and as nutrient dense as possible, so give me some tricolore in fun shapes. Give me tricolore or give me fiori. Or fusilli or penne or farfalle or...

  11. I always love to visit this site again n again

  12. I'm a tagliatelli fan myself but I agree about the penne, nothing ever happens to penne.

  13. Love the pasta discussion. Almost laughed loud enough to wake my child. Guess that would have made me SBS too tonight...

  14. Catching up on this blog after being away for a while, and I had to stop and say, regarding the first quote: I couldn't tell at first if "Well, you wouldn't want to hear that during sex," was meant for STM's quote, or Karen's "Yeah, that's not interesting at all, I'm not even sure it's worth including on the blog."