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Mar 31 2011

"Sure you can sit next to me. But, you're going to have to be prepared to be eaten if we crash."

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"The communists have stolen the loo paper! It's a fucking arsehole revolution. Give it back please."
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Note for Americans: Loo paper = toilet paper.

All this, by the way, occurred at 2:30 in the morning. And here's the exciting conclusion:

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STM: I am definitely gonna write in my diary. 9:15...
ADAM: (suddenly waking) Uh!
KAREN: That was weird.
ADAM: What was weird?
KAREN: You just said, "I'm gonna write in my diary, 9:15..." and then you woke up. I was so excited waiting to hear what you were gonna write in your diary.
ADAM: It's a subconscious cliff-hanger.

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  1. I have to believe that the first one was inspired by hearing the recently aired BBC interview of Nando Parrado. Nando was one of the survivors of the Uruguayan rugby team which crashed in the Andes mountains.

  2. The Septics must be a bit slow if they need Loo paper translated? :)

  3. ühm.. all of them is the last one o_O

  4. Karen do you EVER sleep? lol You always sound so perky like you have been up for hours when Adam wakes up. :)

  5. Snort. SO using the first one on my next flight.

  6. Hey Karen, I know that STM often responds to Molly - have you tried talking to him? Like saying random words to see if he'll respond or even a weird sentence, preferably one with at least one American slang that means something different in UK-speak? Like say, "My Aunt Franny has a big fat fanny."

  7. JamiSings, don't put ideas into her head. PLEASE! - adam

  8. Damn Commies!

  9. *snicker* STM sounds as though he's been stranded in an unfortunate position with his petulant unlike him! And! He has company in the loo??? Your reputation is slipping ;)

  10. @Anon at 10:28: Well, the Septics need things explained to them because they're usually tanked (the rotten bums)......... 7@=Q

  11. I must add, that I think the diary entry would be more like 9-15, meaning Sept 15th, not 9:15 like time...

    Just semantics I guess.

    I love your blog, and I check it every day, first thing in the morning. It is the only one I do this with, because I love you guys so much!

    Thanks a ton for all the laughs.

  12. @Anon 08:25: the problem with that theory is that we don't use that date format in the UK. We always put days before months, so 09/15/2011 wouldn't make any sense.

  13. Karen... Please, please please put "Prepare to be eaten" on shirts. PLEASE!!!!!!

  14. Karen, your accent is really cute! And I wanna know what was gonna be written in that diary...

  15. Maybe the 9:15 is meant to be something to do with the bible books? like Amos 9:15