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Apr 6 2011

"I think it's time you stepped into my office. The office of my fist."

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Today is Adam's annual review at work. Sounds like STM has something to say about it.
"You! You're the idiot in a monkey sandwich. Oh yeah. Oh yeah."
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I have no idea what to make of this one. Except, I suppose, that Adam and I were often in monkey sandwiches when we were volunteering at the sanctuary. Does STM think we're idiots?!

And here are a series of bizarre noises. It sounds something like "(grumble grumble grumble
) Grrrrrrrrr bingo. Sweet!"

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  1. It sounds like in the last one, he's asking: 'Do you want some fondling? Bingo. Sweet! (or beep!)

  2. "You have reached the house of bingo. Beep!"

  3. The last one sounds like "something something love song something!" Lol! STM makes my day :)

  4. I'm pretty sure it's "Do you want some (???) Bingo." The last sound is either "Sweet," a beep of some sort, or the most frustrating location for a yawn ever.

  5. I'll enjoy. Have some. (mutter) Bingo. Beep!


    I'm going to have some. (mutter) Bingo. Beep!

    At least we all agree on the Bingo Beep.

    Great quotes today!

  6. It's like a rorschach post.

    I heard "You're awesome. I know (something; I want to say "I am" but it doesn't seem quite right, and it's too short) bingo."

  7. "Do you want some? (grumble) Bingo. Beep." Sounds like he didn't really want to share whatever it was.

  8. True, some of the dodgier sandwich shops will substitute idiot for monkey; it always pays to look for the "Idiot-free Monkey!" logo in the window before ordering....... 7@=Q

  9. makes me think of this poem
    A young girl swooned at what she saw,
    Flew on a monkey's breast and claws.
    She batted her eyes, said timidly:
    'O depths of exquisite agony!
    O harmony! Delicious sorrow!
    That monkey thrills me to the marrow!
    I feel as if I were magnetised,
    The ape played me; I loved him, hypnotised.
    O monkey, speak, for I'm bewitched by you!
    I just can't breathe, my head is spinning, too!" - Karl Marx, from The Viennese Ape Theatre in Berlin

  10. "I'm just lonesome. Bingo. Sweet!"

  11. "Did ya want some ...... fondling? Bingo! Sweet!"

  12. It sounds like he farts during it....

  13. Perhaps the mumbles were bingo numbers and then he won!

  14. You have to put the first one on a mug, so I can turn it towards my coworkers as I sip my morning coffee!

  15. To me, it sounds like, "Yeah, I'd love some. (engine sound) Bingo! Sweet!"