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May 10 2011

"I can't drive with the roof down, but where are we gonna put the dolphins? They love to feel the wind in their blowhole. Pfffffffffff, blowhoooole! Click click click squeak, click squeak squeeeeeak. Awwww, they said 'I love you'. I love you too, dolphins. Just sit down in the back."

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Then we had this bizarre series of sounds:

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And finally, the awakening! I must first explain that "grum" is the name I've given to the little grunting/humming sounds I sometimes make to try and tempt STM to show himself. It often works. This morning, in combination with my hayfever sniffling, it backfired on me:

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KAREN: sniffle... grum, grum, grum... sniffle
ADAM: Nothing happened.... But, what was it?
KAREN: What did you say?
ADAM: Mm-hmm.
KAREN: "Piggy."
ADAM: Figures.
KAREN: (chuckles)
ADAM: What are you laughing at?
KAREN: You just yelled "piggy"!
ADAM: Yeah, well...


  1. hahha! "go...hmm.....d'BOY?" that'd be a random shirt!

    also karen, i dearly love that you have a name for your machinations!

  2. hahaha I love his random noise!

  3. The dolphin one was oddly thought out in that strange STM logic. I bet STM leads a very detailed life inside of Adam's subconscious.

  4. I think the random noise is kind of what it would sound like if Scooby-Doo was in the papoy-scene from Despicable Me (

  5. These two have got to be my favorites for a while. LOVE EM!

  6. hahaha.... i LOVE the random noise..!

  7. Best solution: buy a pickup, convert the bed into a tank, and let the dolphins ride in there.

    Of course, you'll have to be careful taking the curves; and no sudden starts or stops, either, lest you slop all that water around on the pavement... 7@=Q

  8. dolphins are not ensouled, they are enspirit .. if you are truly telepathic and don't need a scalar you can communicate with them. they dont use voice they project images...i communicate with them every day.

    they could communicate with the military people trying to 'train' them if they wanted

  9. Oh good grief!! Synfullyblond - GO AWAY!! Or check yourself into a psych ward somewhere where they can hopefully medicate the heck out of you until you look like you have some semblance of normalcy. Or at the very least, LEAVE US ALONE on this website!! You creep me and everyone else out! And you're annoying!

  10. ANONYMOUS...i do not talk in my sleep lol... perhaps you wish to share your meds with me so i will.. should not let my comments mean so much to you

  11. is there something specific in my thoughts about dolphin that creeps you out or that you find more peculiar than having dolphins in a car ...

    and why do you say 'leave us alone' ... who are you this your sight

  12. Ha! I too make little noises at my husband to try to make him talk in his sleep whenever he starts making moaning or whining noises. Sometimes it works.

  13. No, I second that, save the telepathic dolphin talking for somewhere else!