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May 13 2011

Hey everyone. Unfortunately, blogger has been down all day until now, so I was never able to post. I'm just going to hold off today's gems for tomorrow's entry. I wouldn't want anyone to have missed a single moment of STM's wisdom.

Weirdly, yesterday's post seems to have disappeared as well.

Instead, I'll just share this:

My favorite moment occurs at about 1 minute 20 seconds.

See you guys tomorrow!


  1. Oh my gosh. Was he high? Or drunk? Or ... crazy? The guy in the YouTube clip, I mean, not STM.

  2. And yet he remembers how to breathe. Remarkable.

  3. I'm not sure how everyone else managed to keep a straight face. I could never be a diplomat.

  4. God, if Guam can tip over, what about the continents?

  5. Another WTF moment provided by the cotton headed ninnymuggins we've elected to govern our nation... yikes :P

  6. As a student, I've debated Satre, read the texts of Zhuangzi and discussed at great length the affect of Confucian thought on contemporary East Asia.

    And not a single line I've read in any of those works has had me thinking as deeply as quotes like:

    "Oh, put your nipples away. That's why you've got fucking pockets, arsehole."


    "Oh, underpants. The scourge of the free and liberated!"

    Please make this a book!

  7. If Guam did capsize, would we have to call it Maug???

  8. Not defending the capsizing-comment, but I read somewhere that he's actually suffering from an illness that makes him speak like that (slowly and kinda awkward) and lose his trail of thought a lot. Dunno if it's true, but just saying.

  9. Speaking slowly and awkwardly is one thing. I can handle that. But, I am totally in agreement with Anonymous (3rd comment) that I have no idea how the rest of the people kept a straight face, especially the guy who had to keep denying that the knew the exact measurements of Guam, but could get them. After the capsizing comment (Karen's favorite), I seriously expected to either hear someone yell, "What?!?!" or bust out laughing. Apparently, either the people running the country are very disciplined, very used to his weird assertions, or actually think that Guam tipping over could be a possibility. As an aside, I also quite enjoy the comment of "cotton headed ninnymuggins" comment by Kimberj. I'd never before heard that phrase, but am going to HAVE to figure out how to use that in a conversation, hopefully sooner rather than later. ;o)

  10. Must've been the whole Friday the 13th -thing going on.

  11. Oh, that is just TOO TOO precious. Thanks a million for sharing this, Karen. Now I know why we pay our representatives so much money while the education system gets the shaft!

  12. Ah yes! Sometimes it makes you PROUD to be American! Other times...not so much!

    See, my British friends! THIS is what happens when you cut education, before military spending!