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May 16 2011

"Yesterday, your mother lived so far away. Now it looks like she's here to stay. Ohhhhh. I wish it was yesterday."

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I'm not sure this is quite what Lennon and McCartney meant.

After this, Adam shifted his legs on top of mine, so that he had them pinned. Although he did seem to find something sweet about it at first, he didn't ultimately find it comfortable, lucky for me:
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Then we have another series of bizarre noises. It sounds as though STM is having a delightful conversation with an alien:

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And finally, the awakening. I'll preface this by mentioning that Adam and I were at a car boot sale (i.e., flea market) yesterday, and I was searching (in vain, in turned out) for a large set square:

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For those who care, here's a old-style set square:

STM: Get off! MY set square. Oh. I'll scratch my name on it, see? Death!
ADAM: Oh... AH! Oh, it's your hand!
KAREN: Baby, Baby, oh my god.
ADAM: What the fuck are you doing?!
KAREN: What?
ADAM: Your hand is porcelian white against the dark of my pilllow. It's not what you expect to see next to your eyes when you first wake up.
KAREN: Okay, okay.
ADAM: Not nice. Disembodied hand....


  1. I generally see a disembodied cat face next to my face when I wake up. Usually wanting food.

  2. hahahaa poor karen getting cussed at sounds like you were sleeping too hahhhaahahaa this gave me giggles.

  3. I don't know about alien conversation but STM was doing a mighty fine impression of Elliott the dragon from Pete's dragon ;-)

  4. what is a set square?

  5. I think Adam needs a sleep mask.

  6. MsM's comment cracked me up - ecause I see the same thing every morning if we don't lock the cats out of the room at night.

    STM sounds like he's having a conversation with a wolf, according to my dear hubby.

  7. I don't know if anyone else was reminded of:

    "I hold your hand in mine, dear,
    I press it to my lips;
    I take a healthy bite
    From your dainty fingertips;
    My joy would be complete, dear,
    If you were only here;
    But still I keep your hand
    As a precious souvenir....."
    - Tom Lehrer 7@=Q

  8. I took that as STM's name was Death, he carved his name, see Death.

  9. i thought the alien voice sounded like a wallace and grommit sound bite.

  10. I love STM's versions of Beatles songs :D hilarious

  11. disembodied hand is going to be the name of my STM tribute band. :P

  12. I love how Adam raised his voice when he asked what you were doing.... that cracked me up, along with the Mother-in-law line.... which should be on mugs, shirts etc etc.

  13. I think STM lives in the Sims world sometimes. Have you hear the adorable gibberish they talk? He sounds exactly like an average Sim-person:D

  14. Sounds like, at the end of the alien conversation, he says "I see you!"


  15. this is just awesome.... i loved it when he saw Karen's hand

  16. that picture is a try square, used in woodwork.
    a set square is a triangular thingy used for drawing. No wonder you couldn't find one

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