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Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


May 29 2011

"My beauty gives me special powers: Stand next to me, you'll feel invisible."

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And then there's this. I haven't mentioned in a while another bizarre sleep-related habit of his: Often, when Adam wakes up, it is quite suddenly and with a fully-formed, completely coherent pronouncement.

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Adam is talking about a MythBusters episode from last week in which they tackle a scene from the Bourne Supremacy involving a magazine, a toaster, and a gaggle of blown-up bad guys.
ADAM: (waking suddenly) The timer on the toaster! The timer.
KAREN: The timer on the toaster?
ADAM: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. You know on that MythBusters one, when they had the magazine in the toaster?
KAREN: (incredulously) Yes?
ADAM: It can't work because there's always a timer in the toaster and you can't get the toaster to work for 12 minutes. There's no toaster that toasts for 12 minutes.
KAREN: I have to ask you: How is it possible—
ADAM: I just thought of it.
KAREN: But you must have thought of it while you were still asleep!
ADAM: I had a picture in my head of the toaster.
KAREN: Oh my god.
ADAM: I remember seeing the toaster, and I'm like, yeah, imagine him walking out the door and hearing the toaster just go "ca-ching!" He would be like "Fuck, I put it on to light toast again!"


  1. Rebecca Louise29 May 2011 at 13:25

    I just watched that episode last night and thought the same thing about the timer.

  2. I can set my toaster oven for up to an hour. Should we try this? Maybe not, as Adam and Jamie would say "Don't try this at home!"

  3. I've never thought of beauty that way, it is so true! (I'm the one that gets turned invisible, btw)

  4. Is it a timer or a thermostate? I'm pretty sure it's a thermostate.

  5. "I put it on light toast again." How warm this makes me feel because we all know that toast never pops up with the exact right shade.

  6. They disabled the timer - they said so in the beginning of the episode

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  8. "My beauty gives me special powers: Stand next to me, you'll feel invisible."

    haha. Looks like a very vain man talking at his sleep. The beauty of dreams, sleeping and talking while sleeping.haha.

    Cathy@blood pressure tester

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