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June 12 2011

"The gym is my domain. Machines are my bitches."

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Interesting, considering that Adam hasn't set foot in the gym for weeks.

That was the only thing Adam said last night. This reveal is actually from early Saturday morning, I was just in too much of a rush to transcribe it yesterday. What you need to know is that on Friday, we went to the kids' school to give a presentation about volunteering at the monkey sanctuary in Ecuador. One of the children in year two (second grade) is clearly obsessed with crocodiles, as he kept asking about them (without putting his hand up, I might add). So:

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Sebastian's parents, if you are readers of the blog, Adam does not actually think your child is stupid, nor does he have any intention of using him as a thermometer in predator-infested waters.

STM: (Lots of little grunts. Mumbling about water. More grunts. More water mumbling. A bizarre, untranscribable sound. Water again. Then—) CROCODILE!
ADAM: Stupid kid. Got crocodiles in my head.
KAREN: (chuckles)
ADAM: Morning.
KAREN: Morning, Baby, I love you.
ADAM: I remember dipping my toe in the river, at the rescue centre, checking how cold it was. And then there was a crocodile. That was Sebastian's fault.
KAREN: Yeah.
ADAM: Next time I dream of the river, I'm gonna use him to test the temperature of the water. Then we'll see if he's so excited about crocodiles.


  1. I know a couple of people that could use a t-shirt, mug or sticker with the gym quote on it.

  2. hahahah! That sounds like me in the morning...I have to tell people never to take anything that comes out of my mouth before 10 am very seriously.

  3. would love to wear that quote to the gym! lol

  4. Yeah def add that to the list of gym quotes! I'm planning on building up an STM wardrobe for the gym haha