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June 19 2011

"I'm not just any dad. I'm mega-super-awesome dad! FEEL MY POWER! Tickle time! Tickle time!"

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Karen's notes: I didn't find anything in the recording last night, but this one from the nest-egg couldn't possibly have a more appropriate day to shine. And, by the way, Adam actually IS a mega-super-awesome dad. Happy father's Day, Baby, and Happy Father's Day to all you other dads out there!


  1. Love love love this one!!

    Definitely needs to be a shirt

  2. I am the proud father of a three year old and I would love this on a shirt. it fits in with the play style we have.

  3. Really hoping this goes on a t-shirt so I can buy it for my dad's birthday in a few weeks :)

  4. Sounds like my dad... o.o

  5. My parents think tickle torture is abuse and never tickled me in my youth, but I get the sentiment.

  6. What are the odds of getting this made into a t-shirt?

  7. Was it Father's day in UK, too?