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Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


June 8 2011

"I'm bored. Let's go and trip some old people."

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Nice one! And I could tell that Adam was gearing up for one of his marathon sleep talking sessions, too. But then I accidentally passed the red light of the recorder right past his eyeline, with the following results:

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ADAM: (waking) Whuzzat? Flashing light?
KAREN: Oh shit. It was me accidentally, with the recorder. I'm sorry.
ADAM: What are you doing holding the recorder again?
KAREN: We've been over this so many times!
ADAM: Okay.
KAREN: I do it every time because the sound quality is better than the microphone. We've talked about this every time! I'm sorry, Baby. Go back to sleep and talk some more.
ADAM: You woke me up.
KAREN: I know.
ADAM: For that your punishment shall be silence.
KAREN: I know.
ADAM: I can't summon STM up at will, you know.
KAREN: Listen, Sleep Talkin' Man in there, please come back out again later. I didn't mean to shine the light and make you go away. Can you hear me, Sleep Talkin' Man, in there?
ADAM: Fucking no?
KAREN: I'm not asking you.


  1. Put a little electrical tape over the light. =)

  2. It's almost like you're married to two completely different people with completely different needs.

  3. It's official. You two (three?) are a great comedic team.

  4. Seconding the suggestion of the electrical tape. If you still need to see the light, make a pinhole in it.

  5. As for the old people comment, watch out STM, these old people will seek revenge...
    Thanks for making me usual

  6. You two are just so friggin' cute!

  7. It would be cool if STM could be summoned at will...with some kind of ritual handing an offering to...hmm...the Sandman?!

  8. "For that your punishment shall be silence." on a t-shirt or something would be awesome. :)