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Aug 18 2011

"Live long and... tutti-fruity."

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No idea why the Star Trek reference, but I am amused at how "tutti-fruity" sounds in a posh English accent.
"Nobody should ever kiss you, except family. But, through a bag, mind. Only through a bag."
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Merch news: I've filled the merch shops with new quotes on shirts, mugs, mousepads, aprons, kids' wear, laptop sleeves, and messenger bags. Quotes include "poltergoat", "Friday brain", "look for someone to blame" and "Jedi mutha-fucka!"

Want one of the quotes on a particular product not in the shop? Drop me an email with your request!


  1. I would love to see the "Ice cream is my first line of defense" quote on something (everything?).

  2. A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boo!

  3. Maybe STM is aware that my very first crush was Mr. Spock (I was three years old) and he wanted to try to please a fan of his.

  4. Please for Moses's sake make the SPAMMING stop.