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Aug 20 2011

"Stop telling everyone we're friends. Don't amplify my shame."

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And then there's this cat, caught barking. I know it is entirely unrelated to anything STM, but it's the best thing I've seen in weeks!


  1. That video is awesome! I love the way he got busted and then changed to a meow!

  2. Have you seen the comedy sketch series 'Sorry I've Got No Head? It's on CBBC but is definitely funny enough for adults. Every week there's a sketch about a dog caught acting human, with the punchline 'Woof. Definitely woof'. I can see this cat saying 'Miaow. Definitely Miaow.

  3. The video of that cat cracks me up every time I see it!

  4. Makes me laugh every time too."Woof! I mean, Meow!"

  5. The quote is classic STM, and belongs on a shirt. The video is incredible!

  6. I had a cat (named Momo, 'Peaches' in Japanese) who was raised with a dog. Momo would stalk moths or flies and 'bark' just before springing.

  7. Love it! I played the video and one cat hid from the barking, then the other cat came to see what all the meowing was about!!

  8. If you like that, then you'll love this; Maru the world famous cat.
    Other Maru vids are great too.
    Love STM, it's the most important part of my day.
    Thank you,
    Richmond Tetzlaff

  9. Cat, chagrined.