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Aug 28 2011

"Close your eyes and pucker up. No, I'm not gonna kiss you. I just wanted you to look like a blind arsehole."

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Hey, everyone along the US east coast, my thought are with you guys today.


  1. Karen, My thoughts are with your family in New England and everyone else affected by Irene. My friends and family are very close to the path, so today will be a nail-biter until I hear from them.

  2. So far so good in NH. My daughter weathered the storm in MD intact. She was in the only county with hurricane warnings. They locked the kids from her college in the dorms and are delivering them some pretty crappy food. She was grateful to be off campus for the year.

  3. did u catch the Oh! sent your way? smok'in...29 August 2011 at 14:46

    ahwrrrmate....sleeptalkin' version-sentiment of
    <3 is blind ... with a blown kiss scent his way
    by now; i must wonder the re-enaction if it be so, so to speak, maybe, a blowmedowner... whackamoley Irene!

  4. Thank you Karen. I have very little damage and finally have electric back! Hope your relatives are doing well after the storm. :) -from Southeastern PA.

  5. Lucked out here, as the storm passed west of us - got power back this morning..... 7@=e


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