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Sep 19 2011

"It's a story about a pirate, a cyborg, and his terrapin. It's an autobiography. 'Hardback'. It's reviewed very well."

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A literary triumph for shell-backed reptiles everywhere!

And this is a new development: My first sort of conversation with Sleep Talkin' Man, although at the time, I had no idea. Adam sat up quite suddenly, and the following conversation ensued. I assumed he was awake, and was relating to me his dream.

If Adam's final comment leaves you baffled, go watch this.

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ADAM: (sits up suddenly, with a gasp of breath)
ADAM: No, it's okay.
KAREN: What was it?
ADAM: I forgot my shower cap.
KAREN: What did you need it for?
ADAM: Oh, you know. The usual. But it's okay. I'm not doing it anymore... You don't need yours either.
KAREN: Well that's good, 'cause it's really hard to find a shower cap that fits all my hair.
ADAM: Big hair... Wait, what?
KAREN: What what?
ADAM: What— I'm confused.
KAREN: Do you know—
ADAM: What?!
KAREN: Were you awake for the conversation we just had?
ADAM: Um, sort of. Kind of— I'm— Arrr— You were talking to me.
KAREN: No. I mean, yes, but because you were talking to me.
ADAM: Nooooooo... What's going on?!
KAREN: You— Well, what I thought was that you woke up very suddenly and very dramatically—
ADAM: Oh, did I do the hamster?
KAREN: What?!
ADAM: Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUNN kind of dramatic?


  1. That first one is very appropriate, since its Talk Like a Pirate day and all!

  2. Arrr! Shiver me timbers, matey! ;)

    I wonder what he was using the shower cap for? He said he 'didn't do it anymore'. What is 'it'?

  3. If he's waking in STM mode and moving about, this could stop being funny quickly.

  4. the dramatic squirrel is the best 6 seconds on the internet! Happy Interational talk like a pirate day also!!

    it seems like STM was there up till the noooo: right? weird

  5. It's a prairie dog! >.< not a hamster, squirrel, groundhog, or chipmunk. :)

  6. I could actually HEAR the difference in his voice between Adam and STM! STM has a deeper and sleepier tone while Adam actually uses inflection and higher tones. I'd say watch out for that voice if he says he wants to drive into town with that sleepy monotone!

  7. My daughter once woke up behind the wheel of her car, but luckily didn't drive anywhere. Another daughter's boyfriend once drove her home while asleep, he didn't remember it.

  8. You'd think an animal lover like Adam would know that's no hamster. *blows raspberry*

  9. I knew what he was referring too at the end, but I went and watched it three times anyway.

  10. "A warm, vivid and human story, with just that touch of muff the fans demand....." - International Journal of Oneirology 7@=Q

  11. 1. Ihyzz - yeah, a gopher :^)
    2. MsM - YIKES scary!
    3. lmao @ Anon 23:36
    4. Oh hell, I'll go watch the dang gophster dog too ;-)

    P.S. That is kinda creepy noticing the differences in talking from STM to Adam; yet neat at the same time (yeah, that's right, I said neat! haha!)

    yeah, I should get to bed (12:37 a.m. here).

  12. The Whole "dramatic prarie dog" Du du duuuuuuuuuuh cracked me up. I've seen that video numerous times, and the vision of it popped into my head the moment I heard him utter the words. I laughed so hard, I scared my cat off the table. Poor kitty.

  13. Thankyou, Karen and Adam, this is really helpful to learn english having fun.


  14. ok... had to go watch the youtube video of the prairie dog. now Adam's last line makes since.... lol

  15. My favorite thing about this is how honestly earnest he is about *trying* to remember what the hell just happened. xD

  16. My god Karen, your husband is an endless well of ingenious comedy. I truly envy you. That is priceless entertainment.

  17. Adam is a comical genius! I just love the entire blog you have here! Priceless oneliners straight through!