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Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Sep 6 2011

"I wrote your life story. It was shit. So I flushed it. And now it's bobbing along with all the other turds. You're a turd. Turdy turdy turd. A turd turtle! Turd. Turd. You're a shit. Turd. Poop! (giggles) I said 'poop'. Poop! Poop... You're a turd."

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My favorite part? Definitely "turd turtle".

Then, around 5:30 am, we had this fascinating conversation:

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ADAM: (waking suddenly) What time did you set the alarm for?
KAREN: Six forty-five.
KAREN: ... Because it's a work day.
ADAM: Oh. We can get up later.
KAREN: We can?
ADAM: I don't know. What time do you want to get up?
KAREN: Um, I'm confused.
ADAM: Well, you either get up or you don't get up. What time are you going to get up?
KAREN: I would get up at seven thirty?
ADAM: Right, set the alarm for six forty-five.
KAREN: Adam?
ADAM: Mmm-hmm?
KAREN: I'm completely baffled by the conversation we just had.
ADAM: Why? It's quite simple. Set the alarm for six forty-five, I'll get up at seven, and you get up at seven thirty, no?
KAREN: Yeah...
ADAM: All right then, go back to sleep.
KAREN: But, that's what we always do.
ADAM: Shhh. Stop waking me.
KAREN: Wait, do you think I woke you up?
ADAM: Well, yeah. You asked me what time...
KAREN: Baby? I can't wait to listen to this conversation with you in the morning.


  1. hahahahahahahahaha

  2. reminded of a movie line " he's a dirty trashcan full of poop" for some reason.

  3. you can make numerous t shirts just from that one.

  4. That conversation reminded me of the "Who's on First?" routine.

  5. I get the feeling that Karen doesn't actually sleep, she just goes into standby in case Adam suddenly wakes up with a weird question.

  6. I'm still getting over that in spite of his pervasive use of shit and turd, it's the poop that gets him giggling. THAT has ME giggling!

  7. KAREN: Baby? I can't wait to listen to this conversation with you in the morning.

    Smackdown! :p

  8. Concerning that 'talking to STM to get a response from him later that night' idea, try just saying or asking more general things instead of supplying topics. That might get more interesting responses. Things like "Sleep Talkin' Man, why is everything melting? Do you have anything to do with this?" or "That's an interesting hat you have on, Sleep Talkin' Man."

  9. Haha! These just get better and better!

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  11. I'd be so fascinated to know what he said/did when you had him listen to the conversation! Did he bust into a giggle-fest like I did?

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