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Oct 14 2011

"OOH! Oh, that's interesting. The back of your head is really interesting. No, no, let me keep looking at the back of your head. That's it, yeah. Now, if you walk away as well, it's incredible. Yeah. Keep walking. Fantastic!"

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  1. Ha, that reminded me of this bit from "Time Crash": (until about 2:40... the rest is good, too, but that's the relevant bit)

  2. perfect!!! though I am disappointed with STM... it's an insult, but it doesn't sting nearly as bad some of the others he has made. still.... hope you don't mind me using that! lol

  3. headin' in the wrong direction - - ->14 October 2011 at 14:46

    STM, the stylist;
    his creative spikey words...
    a pinhead to infinity, walk away, walk away,
    keep on walkin', bye,bye.

  4. That's bloody brilliant! :D

  5. OOOhhhh....reminder of very old song: Just Walk Away., Rene. Yeah---that's the one! lol

  6. I have at least one person in my life that I would SO like to use this on!!

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