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Oct 2 2011

"Wait, wait! No, wait... Oh, shit, I forget... Hang on... What is it? What is it? Think... Oh, I remember now: FUCK YOU! Glad I remembered that."

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  1. You just made my morning...

  2. See? I'm telling you, STM is really the disembodied energy of The Master. Here he's clearly telling off The Doctor.

  3. No, Jamisings, I'm fairly certain that its the disembodied spirit of The Doctor. They killed him last night, you know!

    In fact, I can pretty much picture The Doctor making that statement!

    The Master always seemed preoccupied with that whole hypnosis trip he was on to really make room in his life for anything like coming up with witty rapports or retorts.

    In fact I always thought he was a pretty big buzz-kill with all the authoritative demands, and smug pronouncements! If he said to you, "Fuck You", he would be quite prepared for you to fuck yourself, and plan to calmly watch while you did so! If you didn't, of course, he would get quite angry and try to blow up the planet, and blame it on you! No party there!

  4. Should go try this on some co-workers..right before I'm fired, then do it to my future former bosses.

  5. Okay, I don't like posting right after myself, but I've got it!

    Adam is The Doctor.

    Sleep Talkin' Man is The Master.

    Which means Karen is Melody Pond/River Song!

  6. ring tone... or ring back tone.

  7. gonna remember that one and save it for an argument or when I'm in desperate need of a good comeback :)

  8. loool oh nice one. That's one to remember for when the situation calls for it.
    Also, STM as The Master on Dr. Who... That's awesome, it actually works too, haha !!