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Oct 6 2011

"Seriously, the more questions you ask, the more reasons you give me to use your mouth as a piece of anal plumbing. Cock off!"

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Am I the only one who had to puzzle this one out?

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KAREN: What exactly are you saying there? So you're going to... put something down their throat?
ADAM: Use their mouth as a piece of anal plumbing...
KAREN: Oh. Wait. Are you gonna poop into their mouth?
ADAM: I think so...
KAREN: Who's anus is it?
ADAM: "Who's Anus Is It Anyway"! Um, if I'm going to be using their mouth as a piece of anal plumbing that would be—
KAREN: Yes, okay, that means that you're going to—
ADAM: My arse, their mouth.
KAREN: Okay, yeah, I agree. This one requires—
ADAM: A diagram?
KAREN: Maybe it does.


  1. So.... STM is now the head of The Human Centipede?

  2. I agree, we need an illustration to clear things up.

  3. oh... an illustration would clear things up. though I don't really need one. thanks for that image STM....
    first thing to not do when you get on the internet in the morning after eating breakfast.... oy.

  4. Times like this, you should be super glad he's not somnambulating!

  5. STM had a dream about the Humancentipad!

  6. A pie chart would surely help.

  7. Technically if he was in the middle, he would still be doing this to the person behind him, so he's either the head or the middle

  8. If he was the middle he wouldn't be Sleep TALKIN' Man, he'd be Sleep GRUNTIN' Man.

  9. it seams; zippitydoodoo, zippity duuh,aaah, eewe14 October 2011 at 15:02

    i think...
    ???, ???, ?? !!!
    i believe...
    - the more, you're asking for (shh) *it*
    i know...
    a sh*itty question = a sh*tty answer,
    best to Sh*t Up, if ya know what i mean,huh?

    - just being cocky here -