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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Nov 29 2011

Sorry we lost a couple of days there, guys. I was flying back from the States Sunday, and our internet went down yesterday. But now I'm back at home with my sleep talkin' man, and we're back on track!
"Kiss you? I'd rather use my mouth to plug the hole that's left when someone's asshole falls out."
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"You're not responsible for my sexy thoughts. My thoughts, my sexy."
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And our thoughtful analysis...

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KAREN: Do you think perhaps what STM is saying is that he himself is responsible for his sexy thoughts? His thoughts are about himself?
ADAM: So, thoughts that he finds sexy are about himself?
KAREN: That's what I'm wondering.
ADAM: Oh... God this guy's a dick. Can you imagine, he's standing there in front of a mirror, with you on the bed behind him, and he's just standing there going, "you're not responsible for my sexy thoughts."
KAREN: He's definitely telling the person "my sexy thoughts aren't about you." But is he saying that they're about himself?
ADAM: I get the impression that they have to be, because nobody can make him feel sexy apart from himself.
KAREN: He set the bar so high with himself—
ADAM: — with himself, no one's gonna get close to make him feel sexy in the slightest.
KAREN: You've— First of all, you've put a lot of words in Sleep Talkin' Man's mouth. He never said, "I can't possibly find anyone sexy but me." He's just saying to a particular person, "You're not the one I'm having sexy thoughts about."
ADAM: Yeah, MY thoughts—
KAREN: I think you're taking it—
ADAM: — MY sexy. He's— It's all about him. When it comes to relationships, he may find things a bit tricky because he's gonna judge everybody on his own level. And that's a very very very high pedestal he's sitting on. You know, he may sit on a high pedestal, I'm sitting on a kindergarten chair.
KAREN: I think you deserve to at least be on a high stool.
ADAM: At least you didn't say high chair... Step ladder? No? Okay.... Tree house?


  1. "Today's Top Bargain" in the left-hand column is bar stools! Did you plan that?!
    Gee, guys. As I was reading STM's comment I interpreted it to mean that "while "you" may be the inspiration for my sexy thoughts, I am responsible for the actual thoughts. I am the one who most knows what I find sexy, and what my response is, so while you (sometimes) may be the instigator, where it goes in my head is neither your fault, nor to your credit.

  2. i think STM is talking to adam, saying adam isn't responsible for his sexy thoughts, he is. ie he's staking his creative genius

  3. I'm going to have to agree mostly with Anonymous #1 above. There's nothing in STM's utterances which would lead me to conclude that he's having sexy thoughts about himself. He's having the sexy thoughts so he's responsible for them.

    On the other hand, Anonymous #2 poses an interesting alternative interpretation.

  4. The first quote is actually totally and completely disgusting... Cannot get that out of my head. Why!?

  5. Maybe someone was reprimanding STM for having sexy thoughts and he was saying his sexy thoughts are his own responsibility.

  6. You know Karen, sometimes you sound surprisingly like Karen Gillan.

    Or am I making a stupid mistake where you actually ARE Karen Gillan and it's written obviously somewhere on the site and I missed it?

  7. Karin, Adam - Love your escapades. Is this still going on today (April 2018)? Your sleep talkin habits. Maybe it is time to buy melatonin uk and get yourself some well deserved sleep without waking up. Good luck to your family.

    The Melatonin Man :)

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