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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Nov 9 2011

"There's pudding in the sock drawer, and waffles galore, so make yourself at home. No, I said the sock drawer, damnit, the sock— ohhhh. There's tapioca everywhere."

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"I didn't have an accident. It was a physical miscommunication. Now wash my pants, bitch!"
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And the dramatic awakening:

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STM: (a few satisfied little hums, and then) NIPPLES!
ADAM: Oh, I woke you up.
KAREN: No, I'm awake.
ADAM: Oh, well, congratulations for now being shouted at as well.
KAREN: (giggles)
ADAM: You must go to sleep, otherwise I can't shout at you again.


  1. All of these have their own humoristic twist.
    The second is a brilliant reframing of an otherwise obvious answer.

  2. yup, definitely need to make all his dramatic awakenings into ring tones.
    just imagine standing in a crowd in any place, even church, when all of a sudden you hear........ NIPPLES! just imagining the looks on people's faces is priceless.

  3. Can we get 'physical miscommunication' on a onesie?

  4. I agree... the 2nd one is perfect for a onesie!

  5. Funny, people on Facebook were just syaing that, too!

    Ok, I'll get to work on it tonight.

  6. I was having fun rattling off random sentences, and after I said "I won't try to steal pudding from the sock drawer agian ;_; I didn't know it would come to this", I checked the blog.
    I freaked out.
    Holy crap, I'm a psychic.

  7. The explanation is obvious, if you regard it from a Jungian perspective: pudding and sock drawers just happened to come up at the head of the Cosmic Roster of Archetypes, when STM and Anon both latched on to it.... 7@=Q

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