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Dec 12 2011

"This little tampon went out, this little tampon stayed home. This little tampon had an applicator, this little tampon had none. This little tampon's covered in... poop. WRONG HOLE, PEOPLE! Wrong hole."

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Wow. This one definitely deserves a post all to itself.


  1. Cringe. I don't even...

  2. Laughing out loud, for real.

  3. yeah i totally laughed out loud too...was not expecting the poo part lol

  4. Is this the first time that we hear some sort of rhyme?
    First part seems like a little poem:)

  5. well this is yuck. the first real yuck.

  6. oh definately doug.... along with a ring tone as well.
    wrong hole.... priceless.

  7. As long as its not soaked in vodka.

  8. I think "Wrong hole" would be better on the backside of underwear.

    This is obviously a continuation of the menses one. See? STM is a vampire!

  9. Wow! Not much too say about that one...however, do you think my laptop warranty covers hot tea (with a lot of honey)all over the screen and keyboard? If not, STM, I will be sending the bill to you. I almost wish this was tomorrow's. So, I will listen again tomorrow, pretending it's new (and using someone else's computer)! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!

  10. 00ps that is tomorrows, not tomorrow's!

  11. oOh, pardon me, shud've been a hole'in'112 December 2011 at 16:46

    I'm big on toe'in in on this 5-4-3-2-1...

    did any little tampon go to market
    did any little tampon go to town...
    did any little tampon buy roast beef and
    did any little tampon get tickled...
    pink to pinch out a "Wee wee weed"
    all the way home
    - stinkbomb, gimme space, and shelter, peoples.
    (gotchU covr'd.plugged.stopped, & absorbin' it all in.tensely stringin' abouts)

  12. even wikipedia says: "Although the game is usually played on a baby, it can be played on anyone with 5 tampons."

    They ask no tampons
    They have no tampons.

    Oh, hey, oh!

    Lock the door, kill the light
    No one's coming home tonight

    dude I was full of shit even before the inserion. two negatives make a positive. be kind to me, or treatin me mean - I make the most of it, I'm an extraordinary machine.

  13. and if, say, you block someone on fb, he or she can't see you. in case you didn't think everythin over :)

  14. Hahahahaha! was this in response to you bringing home a suitcase full of tampons after your US trip again? Either way, TOO funny, lmao :P

    Ali ~ Chicago

  15. Could we get a small cosmetic-ish pouch with this quote on it (something to tuck in a purse), please? That is where I stash my tampons for travel. These emergency instructions could come in handy one day if I'm rendered unconscious or something.

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