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Dec 16 2011

"Oi! Oi! Stay out of my poop, Magneto. You've been warned."

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And the reveal...

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ADAM: Magneto's from the X-Men. Why am I telling an X-man to stay out of my poop?
KAREN: I don't know. Well, what's his power?
ADAM: He can do all things.
KAREN: He can do all things?
ADAM: He can do everything.
KAREN: Why, is he the bad guy?
ADAM: Yeah.
KAREN: Oh..... Well, what's he gonna do with your poop?
ADAM: The only reason Magneto would want to have anything to do with STM's poop is because STM's poop contains the ultimate super-power, having come from the utimate being. In STM's mind, obviously.
KAREN: I now consider this quote explained.
ADAM: Do you accept my hypothesis, or do you reject it?
KAREN: I accept it.
ADAM: Awesome.


  1. You should really add that 'yeah' in the end of the quote. It's just the icing on the cake. Or poop. ;)

  2. Magneto generates and controls magnetic fields. He cannot do all things. Still funny though.

  3. Maybe STM has iron filings in his poop that Magneto can fish out and fling around. Pooey darts of death.

  4. Maybe...STM's poop is as magnetic as his personality.

  5. I hope you laughed at least :)

  6. unless there is a different X-men in the UK... Magneto is actually a part of the Brotherhood of Mutants (but a part of the X-men universe. He is also not bald, Charles Xavier is bald. Magneto can also control magnetic fields...

  7. Winning quote of the year.

  8. JS, WHY do you always focus on ulterior motives? I think Magneto wants to use the metal to build a brrrrridge. to STM.

  9. I think I know what Magneto might have in mind....

    Step 1: Steal STM's poop.

    Step 2: Build enormous electric fan.

    Step 3: ????????

    Step 4: PROFIT! 7@=Q

  10. LA/ wts, yes. a huge metal fan

    STM: it's 10 am. so

  11. a sandwich and some harmless conversation made me understand everything. am I the only one, or are there similar ones to me? I know you're the only REAL one but... you know my point. maybe you don't know, but you can acquire the information.

    btw, this whole thing:


  12. STM is right - Magneto can do (nearly) everything. It's not just metal that he can manipulate; he was retconned into being in control of magnetism as one of the fundamental forces of the universe. So yeah, everything, pretty much.

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