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Jan 10 2012

"Ugh. What a mess! Everywhere, UGHHH! And up there, EWW! When are you gonna learn: when transporting giraffes, shouting "duck" every time you hit a bridge doesn't work!"

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"Be happy happy happy. Smile more. I said smile more, jerk."
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MERCH NEWS: As requested, later today I'll be putting "If beauty is in the eye of the beholder...." onto t-shirts. Go on, buy one! I DARE YOU!


  1. I'm not even smiling, I'm laughing.

  2. I was already smiling widely when reading/listening to it. If I have to smile more widely my cheeks will hurt. ;D

    And the giraffe one: LMAO! Duck!

  3. just the image of someone yelling duck out a truck window while hauling giraffes is hilarious.... someone needs to draw a cartoon of that.

  4. I want a front and back shirt of the second one.

    "Be happy, happy, happy. Smile more."

    "...I said smile more, jerk!"

  5. Anonymous delivers10 January 2012 at 18:25
    unfortunately in the meantime the giraffe took over :(

  6. I forgot the tires :D:D:D it's a hovertruck then

  7. Oh, the passengers! Oh, the camelopardity! 7@=G

  8. I'll take you up on that dare! Put it in the merch shop already!!! I need it for a party in February!

  9. I already clicked through to purchase. I'll check again tomorrow (it's currently 11:40p in Calif)

  10. no one commented on my brilliant artwork. nah I know it's shitty, but I made it with a laptop. anyway... my hovertruck is full of eeeeels :D:D:D

  11. I find this hysterical since I can't remember my dreams. Mind you they can't possibly be this interesting

  12. ALRIGHTY THEN!!!17 January 2012 at 20:25

  13. Make sure you put a comma after "BEHOLD" or it'll be saying to look at bitches, ha!

    If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then BEHOLD, BITCHES!

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