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Jan 12 2012

"Speaking of fabulous, how are your breasts today?"

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Well, this one is OBVIOUSLY about me. Right, Adam?... Adam?!


  1. don't worry g dog, they are.

  2. adam - say "yes, dear. your right, your always right!"
    now I can't wait for what STM has to say about that tomorrow! lol!!

  3. How magnanimous of STM to compliment someone other than himself! (must be a boob man...)

  4. Picture this - STM's occupation is - hair stylist to the stars. And tonight's celebrity client is none other than - Dolly Parton!

    STM: "Well, hello Dolly!"

    Dolly: "STM, honey! I need you to make my hair look fabulous in a hurry for interviews about my new movie with Queen Latifah!"

    STM: "Speaking of fabulous, how are your breasts today?"

    There you go, Karen. I don't think you have to worry about STM or Adam running off with Dolly.

  5. I told you you are right! not not a single human being is always right :D

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