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Jan 17 2012

"Mirror mirror on the wall... jealous?"

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"You're the kind of thing that's standing in the middle of a room, all alone, holding a warm codpiece in your hand."
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  1. a WARM codpiece? I guess it makes me a happy person

  2. that's almost as bad as being the fluffer in the movie business.

    1. oh shut up. the codpiece is a warm metal, not a warm piece of someone's flesh.

    2. What, did it belong to Blackadder? 7@=Q

  3. The first one is great!!

  4. Oh my gosh! The first one made me snort my coffee. Please, please, please make that a shirt!

  5. Mirror, mirror just made my day. Lmao.

  6. I had to look up "codpiece." Ya learn something new...

  7. What are the chance of mirror mirror getting to a t-shirt???

    My mom nearly fell over laughing and she now wants it for her birthday. She never wants ANYTHING for her birthday!

    Please please please make it into a shirt...

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