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Mar 14 2012

"Don't shoot the goat! It wasn't his fault. Can't we give it lots of strokes as a punishment instead? You're mean. Okay, go and shoot it with your paint gun. Rainbow goat!"

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A quick clarification here: when STM talks about "strokes", he means petting, not whipping. That's the word Brits use for petting an animal. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

Merch news: And speaking of rainbows (good timing, STM!) check out the promo in the right-hand panel. As a St. Patrick's Day treat, our shirt shop is offering $10/£10 off if you spend $50/£50. For those ordering from the US/Canada shop, the coupon code is STPATRICK2012. In the UK/EU shop, it's SPRING2012. Get your green on!


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    2. Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!

    3. Goats omg rainbow goats OMG

  2. G -reatest O -f A -ll T -ime...cooooLL13 March 2012 at 13:44

    you mean this is where clowns have picked up on their hairdoos, one hair stroke color at a time?
    does nannies, buck billies and kids, plus these bearded pets with horizontal-slit iris-pupils and short pointed up tails alike are milking 'em for all the meaty entertainment of tin cans and cardboard boxes in a shooting gallery of laughter...knot shoot'n the messenger and gunning for it; the pun is ment to be... oh the comedy skit it'was.

  3. Rainbow Goat is 20% cooler...... 7@=Q

  4. i thought maybe the goat was playing golf. ha!


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